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How To Use A Pineapple Corer Slicer With Garnish Ideas

Photo How to Use NorPro Pineapple Corer and Slicer

       My pineapple corer slicer I use every time I buy a pineapple, I don’t cut manually it anymore. Easy and always perfect servings, the rings of pineapple come out just perfect every time! Really time saver tool as well compares to cut with a knife pineapple. We can make perfect real pineapple cups for a summer outdoor party in just a couple minutes and serve tropical cocktails or use it as a fruit bowl to serve dessert. We can serve the tropical drink in pineapple and feel like on vacation in paradise without pay much money! Garnish it with fruits and colourful picks and no wash glasses after! 

         A nice way to bring pineapple to someone who likes pineapple, already cut and ready to eat. Very easy to transport! I make a spiral from pineapple, cut out core and place spiral from pineapple back in a pineapple. Cover with crown and place in plastic bag. Bring to a friends house and enjoy it without any hassle to cut pineapple. Of course, if your friend doesn’t have own pineapple corer slicer tool. Pineapple slices are so good with a few drops of lime juice and sugar powder on it.

Check solution how to make pineapple crown flower, very useful when we need to serve pineapple with sligtly dry out crown ⇒ Easy Flower from Pineapple Crown


Photo NORPRO Pineapple carer slicerPhoto Serving Beverage in Pineapple Using Norpro Slicer


If you are going to make a real pineapple cup for drinks for many people, don’t worry about excess of pineapple! Just freeze in small freezing Ziploc bags and use in a smoothie.

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       I love so much my pineapple slicer because this simple tool makes my life easier. NorPro pineapple slicer is not my first pineapple tool. I have a plastic one and it is just wasting money, sorry to say! I ordered online and when it arrived I  saw the bottom just not sharp enough when it catches the core of the pineapple. We need to have perfectly ripe pineapple so it may work. I tried one time and give up. I bought another tool for pineapple and it is great quality but we need to have super ripe fruit or strong hands, so I tried and don’t use it anymore. 

       I give a try NORPRO company pineapple slicer and corer and it works great! It is a great gadget to make pineapple cups to serve beverages and simple and impressive presentation sliced pineapple. It is so simple to use and I great gadget to keep and I recommend to friends and family. Another brand pineapple slicer I can recommend is OXO pineapple corer slicer. Better than my Norpro because of better build and more easy to use. I compared them when bought as a gift for a family member. For me no reason to buy another slicer but if I am on the market again, I am going to buy OXO pineapple slicer for sure.

How To Use A Pineapple Corer Slicer

  1. Wash and dry pineapple. Cut off the top of the pineapple.

Photo NORPRO Pineapple Corer Slicer

2. Position the slicer on the center.

∗If you will make container for drink, measure approximately how deep the slicer go, so you won’t damage the bottom of the pineapple.

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 1

3. Keep twisting the handle with light pressure. Whet feel  slightly resistance stop. Easiest way to remove slices if you place the pineapple in horizontal position, hold pineapple with left hand and pull the slicer out.

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 3

4. We have pineapple ready for beverage. I usually don’t remove the center – so great to place garnish on the middle. Approximately you need 2 cup of drink to fill the container (middle size of pineapple).

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 4

5. Push the clip inside of slicer and remove the black handle. Relive the pineapple slices from a tool.

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 5

5. You will have a spiral from pineapple. Just make one cut from the top to the bottom and very even and perfect slices are ready to serve!

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 6

6. As you can see the pineapple slices have the perfect shape! So pretty on a pineapple plate!

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 7

I can say we can have a journey to paradise with pineapple slicer! When I first time served sliced with the tool pineapple my husband asked if it is canned pineapple. So perfect shaped slices. Check the photos! But most important super easy to use!

Serving Pineapple Photo

 Just a few more touches for the centerpiece. Flower from apple on the center so romantic touch. Apple needs to cover with lemon juice or other acids to prevent darkening.

Link to technique how to make the rose ⇒ How to Make a Rose from Orange Peel

Photo Pineapple garnish ideas

       Here is my Norpro pineapple corer slicer. Works great for me over 1 year! Another great pineapple corer slicer is OXO, as I said.

Photo NORPRO pineapple corer slicer 1


Video How to Use Corer Slicer to Slice and Core Pineapple In Same Time – NORPRO

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