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How to Make Flower from Pineapple Crown

       The technique to make pineapple crown flowers is the easiest way to decorate a pineapple platter or fruit platter if we have pineapple. Leaves of pineapple crowns in our stores very often dry on the top and can’t be pretty pineapple platter decor as is. But I am going to share the solution on how to refresh the pineapple crown creative way and use it as a fruit table decor. The pineapple flower is probably one of the easiest decorating for a fruit platter with pineapple. I saw how to make this flower technique in one of the grocery store videos. The video was not about how to make the flower, just generally about the store. In one grocery store’s video, they just cut out the leaves around the crown and use shaved crowns to decorate the fruit display. They cut a lot of crowns because it is a large store and a large display. I am thankful for this video and I got inspired to create a video about the idea and this page! Now I always use this technique if my pineapple crown can’t be fresh enough to be a fruit platter decor as is. It is an unexpected way to use a pineapple crown but try and see how easily we can make a pretty flower from an unattractive slightly dry crown.

Pineapple Flower

         Sometimes inside of the crown leaves are dark and the flower will be not too pretty. I removed the center of the flower. I make the center from mango with 1″ fruit corer. We can make the center from the core of the pineapple as well.

Flower Pineapple crown in shape of flower

Pineapple Flower Garnish Platter with Kiwi Berries

How To Make Pineapple Flower Steps: 

  1. Cut off the top of the dry leaves of the pineapple crown.
  2. Cut the pineapple crown off the pineapple, if you not going to use the whole pineapple with a crown.
  3. Shave the tips of the leaves on the sides.
  4. Spread the leaves outward as a flower begins to form.
  5. Add a few leaves on the bottom for dimension.

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Technique How To Make Pineapple Crown Flower

  1. Cut the pineapple crown but leave a few inches on the bottom.

Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

2. Cut the top of the pineapple, if you not going to use the whole pineapple to decorate the fruit platter.

Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

3. Shave just the tops of leaves from the sides to make interesting and fresh looks on the bottom of our flower.

Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

4. Start from outside spread leaves around and our pretty crown flower is almost ready.

Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

5. To bring more dimension to the flower I add a few leaves as I show in the photo. I used leaves from the top of the crown.

Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

My decorative flower made out of pineapple crown is ready! The flower is a cute decor for any fruit platter of fruits display. I decorated the plate with pineapple slices with grapes inside each slice.

Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

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Pineapple Flower Looks After 24 Hours

I covered the flower with plastic wrap after I made it. The tips of the pineapple crown dried after 24 hours. So, better to make it the day before when need to serve the platter.Photo Pineapple Flower After 24 Hours

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Video How to Make Flower From Pineapple Crown

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If our pineapple has a lot of dark leaves and we can’t make a flower, just remove the center and place a tea candle in the center. LED tea candle is very safe if you have kids around. In the photo, I place the decorative candle in the shape of a pineapple.

Photo Pineapple Crown Decor

Pineapple With Lime is a Good Combination

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 In the photo below, I use the flower as a pineapple cocktail garnish. This way to serve drinks is so good for outside parties. This way we not going to share our drink with insects and no cleaning glasses! To make the container from pineapple we need a tool. More pineapple garnish cocktails ideas to you can find on the page NorPro pineapple corer slicer Garnishing Tool 

Photo Garnish from pineapple crown

Pineapple decorated with flower from crown

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    I love this idea for using a part of the fruit we usually throw away. Plus, this flower is pretty and EASY!! I’m definitely going to give it a try with my next case of pineapple and surprise my family:-)


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