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Handmade Mini Canape Cutter From Turkey Injector To Serve Appetizer Skewers

Photo Mini canape made with Cajun Injector

        We can make a very fun garnish tool from a disposable turkey injector! We can make round shape cutter out of an injector to cut food in a round shape for small children. Another use, we can make a canape cutter to make small canape appetizers. It works very well to make colorful bite-layered canapes or fruit bites and fruit kabobs. Great project for kids to do, of course, with adult supervision. We have a disposable injector left after every time we baked a turkey because the injector comes with a flavored butter jar (you can see it on the bottom of the page). We need just make one cut to have a handmade garnish tool!

The photo below is my simple mini canape maker set. You can find online more interesting shaped cutters. For example, hearts, stars, and flowers.Handmade Mini Sandwich Cutter Photo

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We can make fruits bites with turkey injector as well! So cute and colorful snack!

Photo Mini Bites from Fruits

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We need:

1. Injector for turkey

2. Knife to cut injector

∗Choose heavy and sharp knife, it will make the perfect cut like on the photo below.

What we need to make garnish tool from turkey injector Photo

How to make mini canape cutter:

  1. Leave the plunger in the injector, it gives stability when you are making the cut.

How to make garnish tool from turkey injector Photo

2. Our mini canape is ready to use as a garnishing tool.

Photo How to make garnish tool from turkey injector 1

3. Place layers of meat and cheese together and a slice of bread.  Check how tall you would like your canape and keep making layers.

Photo How to Make Mini Canape with Turkey Injector

Don’t throw away excess food from making canapes! We can use meat and cheese. For example, make an omelet with meat and cheese for breakfast or it can be a great topping for a baked potato. Pack leftovers of meat and cheese in small freezer bags and freeze.

4.  Place the cocktail pick with topping in the middle of the canape and push the plunger. Our canape is ready to serve.

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Photo Cajun injector to make mini canape
Photo Mini Canape with turkey injector

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Video How To Make Handmade Mini Canape Cutter from Turkey Injector

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Photo Cajun Butter with disposable dispenser

The Creole butter improves the taste of turkey so much, give it a try if you can find the product! We use also Creole Garlic Butter, so good product. The photos were taken at the local Winn-Dixie store on 06-30-2017 (Louisiana, the USA)

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