9 Cute And Easy Pineapple Platter Ideas

 Photo How to serve pineapple for a party

       Pineapple is one of the great fruits to make a platter with minimal decor. On the page, I have a super easy decor for pineapple platter ideas. I like easy decoration without much effort. We don’t have to be so artistic to create a great pineapple presentation platter. For the best result better to choose a pineapple with fresh and beautiful leaves but it is not always possible. I have a few simple ideas and took photos to share with you. The first idea on how to make the lantern is more impressive to serve for evening events and the rest of the pineapple platters we can serve any time.

1. Romantic Pineapple Lantern Platter Idea

       Photo Pineapple Platter Ideas Candle Holder

       This idea I saw in a small cafe many many years ago. This is really clever and cute idea! We use empty pineapple skin as a candle cover and slices of pineapple serve around. It is so cute and romantic in a dark room. I wish I can make nice photos in a dark room. I tried a few times and the photos come out too dark and have no colors. I am going to describe how we can make the pineapple lantern without special tools. I used only 2 knives. This way I made so many in the past. I wish I knew about the pineapple corer slicer many years ago, this tool really makes life easier to cut pineapple easy and fancy way. Check out this page, really life-changing tool to serve pineapple (video) ⇒ How To Use Pineapple Corer Slicer To Garnish

Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 4Recommended ⇒ Life-changing tool to serve pineapple with video demonstration. 


1. Wash very good pineapple before cut it. Bottom of pineapple discard. Cut the top with crown, set aside.

Photo Pineapple platter ideas step 1

2. Make a cut with a long knife and cut out the center of pineapple with a bread knife.

*It maybe sounds complicated with 2 knives, but bread knife is the best for me to remove nicely and even the center of pineapple.

3. Make a cutout in an order you like around.

Photo Pineapple platter ideas step 3

4.  Place a candle or candles on the plate.

5.  Cover candle with pineapple. Place the crown on the top of the pineapple and arrange slices around.

*I used real tea candles as well. Works great too.

2. Pineapple Platter With Candle

        So many garnish ideas for serving pineapple! We can make very romantic pineapple platter in just a few minutes! Of course, you can add a few other fruits but I left as is just to show how cute it as is on a colorful plate. Cut pineapple in circles and make a candle holder. We can use real tea candle. I used on the photo, LED light tea candle. I suggest for a kids party use LED candles. 

Read how to make a container from pineapple to serve a drink in it ⇒ Norpro Slicer for Speedy and Impressive Pineapple Serving 

Serving Pineapple Photo

3. Cute Pineapple Platter

 Very cute if remove the core with a cookie cutter and insert cutouts with same cookie cutter from other fruits inside. I place empty pineapple on the center as decor. On the photo, I use kiwi, red apple, and mango. Garnish with mint.

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Photo How to cut pineapple with knife and garnish it

4. Pineapple Platter With Picks

 Place pineapple around the crown and stick cocktail picks in the center for your guest’s convenience and decoration. After you slice pineapple (without pineapple corer) the center can be removed with round cookie cutters or 1-inch corer.

Read about corers ⇒ Uses of Vegetable Corer in My Kitchen

Photo How to serve pineapple for a party

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5. Pineapple Platter With Apple Flower

 On the photo below, I made a flower from red apple peel and place in the middle of the crown. Just wet in lemon juice the flower, so apple not going to change color.

⇓ Check out how to make the flower ⇓

How to Make a Rose from Orange Peel

Photo Pineapple garnish ideas

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6. Pineapple Platter With Flower

         Place a flower inside the crown. Just remember to make the small container and fill with water, so flower has a water. I made my vase out of plastic egg container. Place a few grapes inside pineapple rings and platter ready to serve.

Photo Pineapple presentation

∗ If you have a big party, just remember grapes possibly need to be seedless for guest convenience to eat.

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7. Pineapple Platter For Kids Party

 On the photo below, I made a garnish for pineapple platter with kiwi.

The bunny from kiwi and carrot from melon ( great color for carrot is papaya but I didn’t have one) and greens from the mint. So cute for a kids party!

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Photo Pineapple platter with rabbit from kiwi

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8. Pineapple Platter Decorated With A Flower From Pineapple Leaves

This is a useful technique to make a flower from the top of the pineapple if leaves are slightly dry and not presentable as is. A few steps and our pineapple crown will be blooming. You will be amazed how easy to make pineapple crown flower!

Read more and watch video ⇒ Easy Flower from Pineapple Crown

 Photo Flower from pineapple crown on Platter

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9. Easy DIY A Pineapple Tiered Plate Stand

I like the idea to use pineapple to make two tiers plate. I used 2 disposable plastic plates and kebab skewers. We can use not edible parts of the fruit to make the platter and slices serve as dessert for guests. Another option serve whole fruit as the center of the platter and cut out the flesh after the event and freeze it to use later.

Read more how I make it with step by step photos → How To Make A Pineapple Tiered Plate Stand For Party Table

 Pineapple tired plate stand

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pineapple platter ideas Gala! I can’t wait to try to make my platters prettier. I especially like the one that becomes a pineapple lamp. Absolutely lovely idea for a tropical evening party!

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      Jeanette, Thank you! I like how you name it as pineapple lamp! Yes, it is very easy to make and very nice. I wish I am a better photographer. I make so many pineapple lamps in my life because of not much effort and it changes appearance table so much.


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