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13 Fun Food Ideas For Kids ( Fun Desserts And More )


          Food decorating for kids is fun and make kids eat more fruit and vegetables. However, sometimes can be the exception of eating more fruits when we decorating, my grandson exceptional. I am sharing my fun family story on the bottom of the page. All food decor ideas safe to serve for kids because I don’t use picks to hold designs together.

           I like easy techniques to make food decorations without much carving details. I like to see a nice sculpture from watermelons or other food but to make myself prefer easy food designs. All food garnishes on the page are simple and easy to make. Great for kids party ideas!

1. Fun Dessert For Kids Animals Shaped

     So cute orange garnishes for kids Idea! I used a large orange, fruits, and berries. So simple easy birthday dessert ideas with fruits. We can serve other kids party desserts inside the orange shape as well. For example, place a small cup instead of fruits and berries. The animal shaped oranges a fun design for desserts for kids to make because of not much fruit carving and so simple design. Great to serve for a Birthday party or other children events.

     How to make a healthy kid dessert from the orange I am going to show step by step in the example of a bear. The bunny I made the same way, just difference is bunny ears. To hold my fruit animals I don’t use any picks to hold together. In my opinion, it is very dangerous because kids like to try everything and we never know what can be tested by them. Check out this kid friendly holiday desserts ideas! So cute and easy to make. We can also make other animals as well, limit just our fantasy. On the photo below, I made a triangle ears and add whiskers and I have a cute cat from orange is holding dessert.

Cat Out Of Cantaloupe PhotoRecommended ⇒ How To Make Easy Animal Shapes Out Of Cantaloupe


  1. We need a large orange with thick skin.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 1

2. Cut the top and bottom from orange.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 2

3. From the bottom, I made bear’s ears. The easy and fast way to make ears to use a fruit corer or other round shape cutter. Of course, we can cut out bear’s ears simply with a paring knife.

*I use very often a fruit corer in my kitchen. Check out ideas ⇒ Uses of Vegetable Corer in My Kitchen

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 3

4. The top will be a face for my bear from orange. I made 2 cuts on the top to insert bear’s ears.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 4

5. The eyes I made in 2 steps. Cut out with straw 2 holes. Blow out 2 tiny dots from straw and place back but opposite way, so pith side out. I did it so I can drow easy eyes with Wilton edible marker.

Read more about Wilton markers ⇒ Wilton Edible Color Markers To Decorate Food

We can make eyes so many different ways. For example, after we make cut outs replace with dry fruits cut outs. For my bunny’s eyes I used sweet chocolate.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 5

6. Release the inside from the skin with a spoon. I describe the way, so we don’t damage inside of fruit and can serve orange wedges too. The first spoon goes half way and the same do from another side.

7. Cut off the paw with 1-inch space between them. My bear’s paws may be in different sizes and very simplified but it good enough to hold the fruit dessert.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 7

8. Cut off under paws and remove apron shape orange skin. We can release inside from the orange.

9. Make the cut on the top of bear’s body.

* I cut the bottom of the orange and place back so fruits and berries don’t fall off from.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 9

10. I place the bear head on the body and ready to serve.

Photo Fun desserts for kids step 10

Oh, so cute and easy fun dessert for kids!

Look more easy orange garnish ideas →  5 Cute And Fancy Ways to Serve Orange and Mandarin

Photo Kids Fruit Dessert Shaped Bear


Video How To Make Bear From Orange For Kids

Photo Fancy ways to serve orangesRecommended ⇒ 5 Cute And Fancy Ways to Serve Orange and Mandarin

2. Cute Hedgehog From Pear and Grapes

     Looking for a fun and cute garnish for fruit platter or appetizer platters? Check out this idea! Very entertaining garnish. Some catering companies use this decor but one important step shold be done before make this decor. To prevent pear from darkening we need coat it with lemon juice. Read more how to make pear hedgehog with step by step photos → 2 Cute and Fun Pear Garnish Techniques For Kids

      Photo Hedgehog From Pear With Cheese

3. Fun Bunny For Kids Party

       Fun and easy bunny decor so impressive kids party garnish! Takes a few seconds to make and after party just freeze it or use the next day for a smoothie. Some people told me, eyes missing. We can make eyes from berries but it up to your fantasy and time you have. I like as is.

Read more about technique ⇒ Fun Food Garnish Bunny from Fruits

Another version fun animal from a melon. Really cool fruit platter decor on large fruit platter!

Photo Rabbit from Melon Summer Garnish


Video How To Make Bunny Garnish From Fruit For Kids

4. How To Make Snail Food Decorating From Mandarin

The mandarin snail decor so cute on fruit platters, so summery and fun kids party fruits decoration. Or we can add to a school lunch bag with an apple, less peeling and so cute! Doesn’t take much time to make this mandarin food decor for kids or garnish party table.


      I made cuts on the sides the mandarin and removed these circles with a spoon. The snail head and tail I cut with shears. Eyes and mouth I made with a black edible marker.

Photo Tangerine Mandarin Fruit Platter decor

*The best drawing on food to make with edible marker. The set of edible markers costs $4.00 for 2 (I bought it at Hobby Lobby) but safe way to use food for kids. Just in case, someone tries a taste, you never know with kids.

Photo Tangerine Mandarin Snail Fruit Platter Garnish

5. Bee From Peach For Kids Dessert Garnish

   Photo Braspberry and raspberry garnish ideas peach bee 1

    This super cute bee garnish is so cute on ice cream, pastry, and other desserts. The bee made from fresh peach but we can use canned peaches as well. The wings from 2 slices almond and head from dark and white chocolate melts.

Photo Peach cocktail garnishRecommended ⇒ 7 Cute Apricot And Peach Garnish Ideas

6. Cute Mushrooms From Fruits And Berries

        These cute food decorating ideas we can make from strawberries or raspberries, apple, and kiwi. Mushrooms so fun on kid’s desserts. When I was practicing to make strawberry mushrooms, I garnish cottage cheese for my husband. When he has done with breakfast, I didn’t see anything left on his dish. It surprises me! My husband doesn’t eat kiwi. I distract him with my cute garnish, so he forgot about his food preferences and ate my kiwi garnish.

Photo Strawberry Mushrooms Made with Corer

Strawberry garnish flower PhotoRecommended ⇒ 9 Easy Strawberry Garnish Ideas

       Raspberry Garnish for kids Photo


Video How To Make Cute Mushrooms From Strawberries

7. Kids Meat Patties In Shape Of Hedgehog

These cute hedgehogs we can make from any patties. Eyes we can make from different grains, I made from duckweed. The noses I made from capers. Everything needs to be edible, especially for kids. So, don’t use black pepper as decor for these hedgehogs.

 Read more ⇒ Russian Steamed Chicken Patties

Photo chicken patties for kids hedgehog photo

8. Kids Cute Crab Food Garnish Idea From Avocado

   The cute crab garnish from avocado we can serve as is or on other dished for kids or just for fun.

 Read more ⇒  7 Fun And Cute Avocado Garnish Ideas

Photo Crab Cute Avocado Garnish


Video How To Make Cute Crab Garnish From Avocado

9. How To Peel Fun Way Mandarin For Kids

   Photo Fun Food Decorating For Kids Ideas

       A very easy and fun way to serve mandarins, tangerines, or clementines to decorate fruit platter or serve individually. The mandarin man actually attached to the base and looks like holding the fruit. We can make a few mandarins this way on a mandarin platter and place it on the sides or on the top. It is going to change the appearance of the mandarin platter and bring so many smiles to your party!


     1. I start to cut the mandarin man’s head first from the smooth side where usually blossom. Cut head with a neck. The neck still attached to the fruit, head push with a spoon.

    2. Eyes I made with a straw. The circles stack into straws but it is easy to blow it out. Insert back to openings opposite way. The mouth I make by pushing the spoon and make a smiley mouth. The tongue can be optional.

   3. Cut mandarin man’s hands and legs. The next step is optional, you can leave attached to mandarin or leave as is.

To make the flower I used a mini cookie cutter.

Photo COOKIE CUTTERS I USE TO MAKE GARNISHESRecommended ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

10. How To Make Fun Notes On Bananas


      A great surprise for kids will be in a lunch box if we write on a banana. So much fun if we write something inspirational. I wish, I knew this idea when my kids were at school.

Photo Banana time fun noteRecommended ⇒ 17 Creative Notes Ideas On Bananas For Our Loved Ones And More

11. How To Make Cute Faces From Strawberry With Melon Baller

    Photo Faces from strawberry with melon baller

         So cute and super easy idea to make strawberry faces! So cute on desserts, garnish for fruit salad, or other sweet foods. We can garnish food for kids because I used to draw a Wilton FoodWriter edible marker. To make these cute faces from strawberry we need a melon baller. A melon baller is a garnishing tool. However, I use my melon ballers for other tasks too. A really great tool to have!

Photo Dessert garnished with melon ballerRecommended ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

12. Cute Fish Fillet Shape From Salmon

The fish from salmon fillet so cute to serve fish from fillet what is square. No waste of food! I used salmon and tuna but can be use from other fish. Read about this technique step by step ⇒ Heart and Fish Shaped Garnish From Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet in Fish Shape Photo

Photo Origami FishRecommended ⇒ 5 Easy Fish Shape Paper Napkin Folding Ideas.


Video Cute Fish Fillet Shape From Salmon

13. Watermelon Fun Serving Ides On A Plate

    Photo Ladybug From Watermelon

       Easy and cute idea to serve watermelon for kids! I use watermelon, blueberries, and black grapes. So fun way to serve for small kids and talk about ladybugs. Healthy and educational watermelon dessert idea!

Photo Fun Baloon From WatermelonRecommended ⇒ 8 Fun Ways How To Plate And Serve Watermelon Slices

Fun Real Story About Food Decorating With My Grandson

        My grandson was 2 years old when he surprised me. When he visits us, he helps me to water my tiny garden sometimes. One day I was babysitting him and served apple as in the photo. He looked on my fancy plate and ask me for water. I thought he is thirsty but he took my glass of water and pour on top my flower from apple peel. I was really impressed! He learned very well how to take care of flowers. We built memory together and when he will be older I tell him this fun story!Garnish Rose from Orange Peel (Apple)

I Made This Comict Base On My Real Family Story

Slide 1

Slide 2

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 2

Slide 3

Slide 4

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 4

Slide 5

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 5

     Photo Sharing is caring, reminder

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