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Easy Fruit Garnish in Shape Of Bunny For Kids

 Photo Bunny from Papaya

Pineapple platter decorated with cute papaya bunny.

         Fruit garnish in the shape of a bunny is so cute and super easy to make! We can make a decoration for desserts and other sweet dishes for kids. A really fun food garnish idea on a festive buffet table! If we are going to use large fruit like melon or papaya it can be impressive with no time to make the centerpiece of kids’ party or Easter table. The best part of this technique, we don’t need any carving skills to make this cute bunny-shaped fruit decoration. You can see in a few photos how cute and fun can be this garnish fun idea from different fruits. We can make bunny also from some vegetables as well, olives, eggs, mozzarella cheese in balls… The technique I am going to demonstrate on the kiwi.

∗ I tried to make a bunny from watermelon but it looks not like a bunny at all because of the stripes.

    Our bunny garnish will be no waste of fruit, peel it and freeze it after an event and use another day in your smoothie.

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How to Make Garnish Out Of Kiwi In The Shape Of Bunny

Photo Bunny from Kiwi

        The technique is so simple and it takes a few seconds to make a bunny out of kiwi, we need the oval shape of fruit but sometimes a round shape works well too. Just place bunny ears on its head and resembles will be so clear. We have a few kiwis on the market, I like the furriest one to make this cute garnish out of kiwi.

We need:

  1. Kiwi (or other fruit)
  2. Knife
  3. Cutting Board

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The Technique How To Make Bunny Out Of Kiwi

  1. Cut the bottom of the kiwi like in the photo. It will be the bunny ears.

Photo How to make bunny from fruit kiwi step 1

2. Cut a triangle out, so it looks like bunny ears.

Photo How to make bunny from fruit kiwi step 2

3. Choose which side will be the tail and front of the bunny. I like to make a side where fruit is attached to a branch to make the face of my bunny and the other side makes a cute little tail. Place the bunny on the cutting board, it will be stable because we cut the bottom off. Make a cut on the front of the bunny’s body and place ears in. Our bunny is ready to decorate a fruit plater!

Photo How to make bunny from fruit kiwi step 3

We can decorate a fruit platter or dessert table with this cute bunny made out of kiwi.

Photo How to make bunny from fruit kiwi step 4

Video How to Make Bunny Garnish From Fruit for Kids. Easy Easter Food Decoration

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So cute! The bunny from a melon great for table decor!

Photo Bunny from Melon

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       Bunny garnish from peach looks so cute with a kiwi platter. The bunny from peach is so realistic because peach has a little fur on it. Looks like a real cartoon character to me! Just remember to remove the seed before serving for convenience.

Photo Bunny from Peach food decoration


The rabbit from apricot and slices of kiwi decorated yogurt popsicle. Took me a few seconds make a fun garnish bunny and my simple dessert is not simple anymore. The apricot bunny is a great Easter desserts garnish idea.

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       Fun cherry bunny makes a so attractive simple dessert. In the photo yogurt with fruits.

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Photo Cherry Bunny Garnish

       My bunny from an avocado is cute but needs to serve immediately. Avocado darkened so fast and even we coated with a lemon juice and not helps much. I have a few other cute garnish ideas from avocado. Take a look, it brings definitely a smile on your face → 7 Fun And Cute Avocado Garnish Ideas

 Photo Avocado bunny garnish   


       Not from every lemon I can make a bunny. The cutest bunny can be if we have the right shape of the fruit.

Lemon is the most common fruit to make garnish in my house. Take a look a few ideas on this page → 11 Easy Lemon Garnish Ideas

Photo Rabbit from Lemon Kids Food Garnish


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