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How to Make a Rose From Orange Peel For Fruit Platter

Photo Flower from Orange

      To make a rose garnish from orange peel is an easy technique, doesn’t need any artistic skills and also, practical use of the peel. For example, if we peel an orange, we can make a flower and garnish our platter with orange wedges or orange slices. Or can be a project for a child to impress grandparents or parents. A fruit platter with a flower made from orange is a great garnish idea! After the use of flowers, we can dry the orange peel and use it in baking or add for flavoring tea.

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How to serve orange fancy way with flower. Photo.

Flower from orange peel.

Technique How To Make Rose From Orange:

  1. Create a base of the orange flower by cutting the top but not completely off. This step is important because our flower will have a complete look.

2. The flower will be more beautiful if you peel it continuously. Move up and down knife little so a flower has petals.

3. Roll up the peel. Our flower is ready to decorate the fruit platter!

So cute and easy orange peel garnish idea!

VIDEO How to Make Flower for Garnish from Orange

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 On the photo, flower from the mandarin peel. Cute way to serve peeled mandarin.

Garnish Rose from Orange Peel (Tangerine)

  On the photo, I used pickles in my tuna salad and garnish with the flower from a pickle my sandwiches.

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Photo Flower from pickle peelon

   Lemon is the best garnish for seafood dishes. From lemon peel always rose comes out very beautiful.

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Garnish Shrimp from Lemon Peel Photo

   Garnishing with a flower from peel fruits or some berries is so beautiful addition to desserts, fruits salad or just simple cottage cheese with yogurt breakfast.

Rose from Orange Peel. (Plum)

 One of my favorite flowers is the flower from the radish. It so beautiful because of contrast of colors.

Photo Flower from radish peel

  The technique to make a rose garnish from orange peel is simple but like every technique has some details.

    Photo Rose from tomato on vegetable platter

     When we are cooking for guests and anyway need to peel tomato for sauce or cucumber for a salad, we can use the skin to make a rose to garnishing vegetable platter. Check out more tomato garnish ideas → 3 Easy And Cute Tomato Garnish Ideas With Photos

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