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Pan-Fried Salmon Without Oil Or Butter On A Stove

       Looking for a healthy and easy way to fry salmon? Check out this technique! The technique is super easy and definitely a great solution for busy people. I wish I knew this technique when my kids were young!

       I use baking paper to cover up the pan for frying salmon, so I don’t need to use any oil and the fish not sticking to the pan. Salmon is oily fish and releases enough own oil to fry it on. However, when we fry salmon directly on the pan oil is spreading so much on the surface of the pan and we need to add more oil or butter for frying. With baking paper salmon oil not spreading around the pan and we can fry without any oil. Of course, I am talking about nonstick pans. This technique I use often when I want to fry salmon to serve with a salad. I fried tuna steak without any oil or butter and it works for tuna well too. Another benefit of frying salmon on baking paper is almost no cleaning pan. I need to rinse the pan but it is nothing to compare to cleaning after frying fish with oil directly on the skillet. It is really great way how to pan-fry salmon fillets without the skin.

      The recipe I have chosen is very simple but after practice, with this method, we can apply it to other interesting recipes. We can make stuffed salmon, fish patties, and other fish fillets and pan fry them the same way without any oil or butter.

* If we cook chicken breast in the baking paper it comes out every time moist and delicious. However, the technique is different than fish on baking paper. Check this technique too!

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Skillet Tip

Better to use for this cooking method thin skillet. So when the temperature is higher than we need it, we can reduce heat very quickly. I use an inexpensive coated cooking pan and it works great. However, remember most coated skillets are not recommended to warm up empty without oil or butter. I suggest don’t use an expensive nice coated skillet for this job because anyway we don’t need the benefit of a non-sticking surface.

We Need



Black pepper

Baking Paper  ( up to 450°F/ 230°C )

Baking Paper I Used

Baking paper can be with different temperature limits. I use unbleached up to 450ºF NorPro baking paper. Reynoldskitchens baking paper works great too.

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Cutting Baking Paper

  1. Cut the baking paper by the size of the pan.

2. Hold the paper inside and cut excess of paper.

Preparation Salmon For Cooking

3. Dry well salmon with a paper towel. Add salt, pepper, and if you desired your favorite spices. This is more about technique than about recipe.

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Cooking Direction

4. Warm up to medium heat the pan without baking paper on it at first. Place paper and salmon on the pan. Salmon is going to release oil and will be frying in own oil. Fry salmon for 5 or 6 minutes depends on the thickness on one side.

Don’t leave the pan without attention.

6. Turn on the other side and fry 5-6 minutes more.

*The time depends on how you like to be done salmon and skillet temperature.

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7. Discard the baking paper after frying. The pan can possibly need light rinsing but not much.

*Visually the pan usually looks like nothing was frying in it. The spot is permanent from my past cooking on the skillet.

Serve salmon as desired. I served on the photo salmon fillet with a salad.

*If I serve with a side dish, a few drops of lemon juice is so good on the top of fried salmon.

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Video How To Pan Fry Salmon Without Oil

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The Great Technique How To Sear Tuna Without Oil

I like to fry on baking paper my tuna too. This is a great technique to make tuna steak without any oil or butter.

In the photo below, I make tuna in a fish shape. Cutout I placed an inside cut in the middle of the fillet.

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Every Pan Can Be Nonstick If…

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