Russian Style Fry Pork Chops Recipe

Russian Style Pork Chops with Potatoes and Mushrooms

The pork chop recipe from the place where I was working in the city of Krasnodar, Russia, so I call it a Russian-style pork chop recipe. What is great about this recipe the flavors of mix purple oregano and onion just a perfect combination. In a place where I was working, we keep it in a big pot in cold storage (refrigerator like a room). The pork chops kind of marinade in their own juice and good next day to cook as well. When an order comes pork chops always ready. It was served with potatoes and mushrooms fried in the same skillet after meat. Great side dishes for this recipe are mashed potatoes, rice with vegetables, couscous, sauteed cabbage, quinoa. When I came to the USA and my husband told me, he likes to eat my pork chops with applesauce. Honestly, I thought it not to my taste choice. With time I try a few times and now, I like to eat my pork chops with applesauce. Really great combination!

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How To Garnish Pork Chops

The garnish was marinaded purple onion rings in vinegar and vegetable oil. Onion rings just place in the marinade for few minutes before serving like for a salad. When done place a few onion rings on the top pork chop. So pretty, easy and tasty! Another option for garnish, cut mushroom vertically, so it looks like a mushroom and saute mushroom slices slightly in the same skillet with the meat.

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Pork chops on bone

Fresh purple oregano



Black pepper


Cooking Direction:

  1. Wash and dry pork chops. Make cuts on the side of pork chop to prevent them from deforming in a hot pan (arrow on the photo). Salt and pepper to taste. Sugar apply only to the fat area and rub in.

* Sugar improves the taste of pork chop. When we cook with fat it flavors the pork chop. I tried to compare in the past, taste with sugar and without, sugar really makes big difference.

2. Place onion rings and oregano on stems (easy to separate from meat) on the bottom of the dish and make a layer of pork chops, repeat again onion and oregano. Place plate on the pork chops. Cover with plastic wrap.

3. Place on top of the plate a container with water (I use a gallon of milk). Place in a refrigerator for 1-2 hour and pork chops ready to cook. You can cook it any time actually and then longer you wit than better. It good for next day to fry as well.

4. Brown pork chop on a skillet on medium-high on both sides. Place on baking pan and cover with a foil. Broil for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 5-10 minutes before serving. Time depends on your oven and the thickness of pork chops.

  1. The pork chop is done when internal temperature T=170ºF on a thermometer.
  2. Without thermometer. Make the tiny cut in the bone area and if you don’t see the pink raw meat, pork chops done. The most critical area next to the bone, be sure you check in this area.

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