Easy Christmas Paper Napkin Folding Idea


       Making Santa Claus’s face from paper napkins and doilies is so festive for a Christmas party table decor idea! It is so cute on the plates and elevates immediately the Christmas table. It is budget-friendly Christmas table decor. I bought my doilies at the “Dollar Tree” store very reasonably. We can also find them in many other stores or online. To make one Santa takes me less than one minute. Check out the technique and impress your guests with this cute Christmas table napkin decorations.

All folds for a square napkin. All examples are shown on 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size paper napkins.

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1. Easy Santa Claus Paper Napkin Folding With Doily For Christmas Party


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We Need: 

  1. A red paper napkin 13″ X 13″
  2. White doily 6″ diameter
  3. Red and black markers
  4. Scissors

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  1. Fold the napkin in 3 as I show in the photos.

2. Gently fold the doily in half, avoid creasing the center. Make a 1″ cut on the folded doily as I show in the photo. Unfold the doily and you have a 2″ cut.

3. Draw the Santa Claus face and mustache on the doily under the cut.

* Place a sheet of paper under the doily to protect your table from ink leaks. The doily will absorb any excess ink and prevent it from staining the table.

4. Place the napkin into the cut of the doily and Santa Claus is ready.

The folding paper napkin for the Christmas table is so cute! I saw many variations to make the face. We can get creative. However, my favorite is just drawing the Santa face because of its simplicity.

On my tablecloth, I like my Santas on green plates. White and red colors stand out so well on green!


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Santa Claus’s Beard Variation 2


        We can also make another variation of Santa’s beard with a simple step. Look slightly different but cute too.

Santa Claus Technique 2:

     1. Turn Santa Claus 1 and make two cuts on the sides of the doily.


     2. Fold the doily in.


This Santa is so cute too!


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