How To Make Easy Fancy Plastic Bag Dispenser Using Vase With Flowers

         Looking for how to organize plastic bags in the kitchen or pantry? Check out this plastic bags hack! Hide bags in a vase with flowers, it makes a fancy bag dispenser. With flowers in the vase, nobody knows it is my plastic bag holder! I like to reuse store grocery bags in a few places at my house and the main one is the kitchen for food scrap when I peel vegetables. I had a plastic bag fabric dispenser made myself ( I was sewing them for years and selling them on eBay and Etsy in the past) but was not happy with it for many reasons. I can’t display my handmade bag holder on the kitchen counter for easy access and had it in my small pantry. Here is the idea of how to make a plastic bag dispenser without any sewing, just make a roll and hide it in a vase with flavors! This idea is a fancy way how to store plastic bags for reuse.  Check out 3 ways for my plastic bag organizer idea and I am sure you find an interesting idea for yourself!

On page 3 methods of how to organize plastic bags in self-dispensing bundles or store them in tissue boxes:

  1. How to fold easy plastic bags with handles to pull out – My favorite method because of easy refill.
  2. How to fold in a roll plastic bag to pull out.
  3. How to store grocery bags in tissue boxes – 3 ways to do it.

We can hide it in decorative baskets, planters, and other places as well. Creativity has no limit!

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1. How To Fold Plastic Bags With Handles To Use In Flower Vase

        My favorite method is to fold plastic bags for storage and reuse. Most people can’t tell that my vase with flowers is a plastic bag dispenser. I am going to add a few more flowers or leaves in the future but even with 3 flowers, I like the new idea to store my plastic bags in the kitchen. I can easily add more bags when needed. Have a few bags from the store added and done. I don’t need much time to organize my bags and super easy to place them for storage in the vase. However, check the second method as well because the second one is more organized and compact, great to take a roll of bags in your car.

How To

  1. Place each bag in the handles of the previous one and we create a chain from plastic bags. It will be like a hook made out of the bag and when we pull the bag we see the next bag easily.

2. Push the bag into a vase and attach the next bag. I like this method because we can add more bags when we have more bags!

 Now just hide them in the vase and when need a bag pull out how many you need! Add more greens and nobody can say the vase with flowers is a grocery bag dispenser. Fancy and easy plastic bag storage hack!

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2. How To Make Roll Of Plastic Bags To Pull Out

  1. Fold each bag three times. Try to keep the same width of each bag as I show in the photo. Then bend the tail at a 90-degree angle.

2. Start rolling the bag from the bent side and stop when done with 2/3 of the bag length. Place at the end another beg and continue rolling in other bags one by one. I usually do this rolling in front of TV:)

3. Make sure the first bag’s tail is out after you are done rolling in bags. This is important because we need it easy to find the first bag tail. If we do rolling right, the next bag will be out after we pull the first bag, and easy to pull when we need it. The amount of bags depends on the size of your vase and how many bags you have.

I am making in advance bag rolls when having time (watch TV or talk on the phone with friend) and store them. Then I secure them with rubber bands and use them when needed.

4. Place the roll of the bags inside the vase.

5. Pull the bag when need it and the next bag tackle inside the vase. I separate flowers and bags with clear tape. I fold in half the tape inside the vase so it has no sticky sides and doesn’t catch the bags. Then more leaves the bouquet than less visible bags will be.

*Tape I attached, so it will visible in the photo. If you stick to the vase well and cover it up with greens only you know the roll of bags there. Especially if the vase is placed close to the wall.

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3. Different Ways How To Store Grocery Bags In Tissue Box

Another nice and compact way to store plastic grocery bags is to use an empty tissue box. This is an affordable plastic bag storage idea. We don’t have to do anything to decorate them because tissue boxes have usually nice designs. We can use both ways, as I describe above but also we can make small nuts out of each bag. I use a tissue box to store grocery bags for reuse in my sewing room. A good way to reuse plastic bags!

In the photo below my Janome embroidery machine.

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1.Tying a Knot Out of Of Plastic Bag For Storage In Tissue Box

The technique of tying into a knot grocery plastic bag is a great way to store bags individually a very compact in tissue boxes or other not deep containers.

How To

  1. Push air out of the bag and roll the bag around 2 fingers.

2. Take out one finger. Thread the tail of the bag into the loop.

2. Storing a Roll Of Bags In a Tissue Box

 This method does not rip off the box much with time because bags come out from the center of the box. Make a roll of bags as I showed above in the vase. Place the bags bundle inside the tissue box and take bags as many as you need by pulling them out.

3. Storing Chain Of Grocery Bags In Tissue Box

To store bags in a chain method is great too and easy to refill it.

 No matter which method we choose, organizing our plastic bags is a great way to reduce waste and save money!

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