Two Heart Paper Napkin Fold Ideas For Valentine’s Day Or Romantic Dinner

           The best idea for how to fold paper napkins for Valentine’s Day is of course in the shape of a heart and I am going to share 2 techniques! These napkin foldings are great for other Holidays like Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, and can fit other occasions very well too. Of course, these techniques are great for a romantic dinner. Can be placed only on one plate or one glass, for example, for the person whose birthday. Simple, meaningful, and inspirational!

All folds for a square napkin. All examples are shown on 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size paper napkins.

2 techniques on this page:

 1. Heart napkin folding for Valentine’s day

2. Heart-shaped napkin folded in a wine glass

        Photo Paper napkin in shape of heart

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1. Romantic Heart Shaped Paper Napkin For Wine Glasses

The technique how to fold paper napkins in the shape of a heart in glass is super easy! Great way to fold napkins for large parties or dinners for two. For the best presentation use clear glasses. Wine and champagne glasses work the best because these shape glasses hold very well the heart shape of napkins. In the photos, I used a red paper napkin for presentation but it will be very cute if we use different colors of napkins as well. Try this technique!

How To Fold Napkin

  1. Open the napkin as I show in the photo.

2. Fold in half and then fold in half again. We have a stripe approximately 1 inch wide.

3. Now fold the napkin in half lengthwise. Make good crisp where we bend the napkin.

4. Then bend both sides towards the bottom. Place the napkin inside a glass.

In the photo below napkin heart in a wine glass. So impressive and a great easy technique to make a heart out of a paper napkin.

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2. How To Fold Paper Napkins For Valentine’s Day

     In my opinion, this folding heart technique is one of the best Valentine’s day napkin fold ideas I saw in my life! We can fold napkins in advance and use them when ready to serve. It is great for a romantic table set, a birthday party or just decorating any party table!

Photo Paper napkin in shape of heart


  1. Fold the napkin in 2 and then in 2 more horizontally.

Photo Heart shape folding paper napkin step 1

2. Fold left side and right side towards the center. So you have napkin shape like error pointing to the bottom.

Photo Heart shape folding paper napkin step 2

3. Turn around. Fold every 4 corners on the top to make the shape of a heart.

Photo Heart shape folding paper napkin step 3

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On the photo below, I served bagel with cream cheese and lox (cured salmon) on napkin folded in shape of a heart.

Photo Heart Paper Napkin Folding

Bagel with cream cheese and lox on napkin folded in shape on a heart.

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