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3 Ways How To Wrap Plastic Silverware In A Paper Napkin Fancy

Wrap Silverware In Napkin Photo

         I saw so many techniques on how to put plastic utensils in napkins fancy and now I am ready to share some techniques on my website with you! When I watching movies I always pay attention to how they serve napkins with silverware or in a napkin holder. For some napkin folds not possible to find tutorials online at first but I keep looking and with time I always find out how to do it. Some look so easy but when I try to fold myself, it is now easy at all! On this page, you can find easy techniques on how to serve cutlery in a napkin.

       All napkin folds are great to use for a buffet table setting as well as decorate the individual plate.  The napkin folds make special fun touch for the party table! A great napkin fold for a Birthday party or kids party table. It takes not much effort but builds our memories for us and our guests.

    On The Page Plastic Cutlery In A Paper Napkins Techniques:

  1. Candy wrap paper napkin fold with plastic cutlery inside. VIDEO
  2. Ice cream cone wrap paper napkin folding with plastic utensils.
  3. Bow napkin with silverware inside.

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1. Candy Wrap Paper Napkin Fold With Plastic Cutlery Inside

      Candy wrap paper napkin fold with utensils is a fun and easy way to serve napkin folding with silverware and ribbon. This technique works well with solid color napkins or with some designed napkins. I used 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size square napkins. We can make it depends on design our napkins just simple candy wrap or add ribbon. In my opinion, without ribbon is much more convenient for guests to open napkin and use silverware. However, it does not work well with every napkin design without ties. For this fold the best to choose bright color napkins with designs.

     So many ways to use this technique for many party themes, especially for kids or summer party table settings.

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  1. Unfold the napkin and place cutlery inside.

Plastic silverware in napkin

2. Roll over napkin around cutlery. Try keep more room inside as possible, so our candy wrap napkin will be nice look.

3. Pinch both sides and hold, so napkin memorizes the shape. Our candy wrap napkin fold with cutlery is ready.

*When I tried to twist instead of pinch napkin, looks not so attractive.

4. I used white rick rack trim to tie the candy wrap. I cut trim 2 pieces 4 inches long each.

5. Tie rick rack ribbon 1 time, so our guest will be able easy to remove it.

On the photo below, I used a white plain napkin with red rick rack trim. As you can see with this technique we can serve fun and the cute way any color napkin as long we have right decor ties on it. We can call this napkin fold the gift-roll fold also because it looks like a gift wrap.

Fold napkin around silverware Photo

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I try napkins with the border design for this fold and it works so well too as you can see in the photo below.

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Video Candy Wrap Paper Napkin Fold With Plastic Cutlery Inside

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2. Ice Cream Cone Wrap Paper Napkin Fold With Utensils

Wrap Silverware In Napkin Photo

     The ice cream cone technique to put utensils in napkins is a great way to decorate any party theme. On the photo, I used 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size 2 different design and color paper napkins and matching red utensils. One is white and the other is with a white and red check design. I tried different color and designs napkins, I learned with white napkin inside most napkins work great for the technique. It is really great way to put utensils in 2 color paper napkins. Yes, I can say it takes time to fold it. However, you can make this napkin fold in advance and stock on each other. Just place utensils inside when the event comes. The technique looks complicated but it is really not. After you make the first, the second will be so easy.

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  1. Open napkin and one half fold in two.

2. Turn the napkin around and fold as on the photo.

3. Turn around again and fold the left side and right side in the have in the triangle shape.

4. Fold in half the right side and the left side as on the photo.

6. Turn around.

7. The white napkins fold as you can see on the photo.

8. Place the white napking inside the red white napkin.

9. The last step is matching plastic utensils to put inside the napkins folding.

I like this elegant napkin fold with utensils. A great technique for special occasion dinners to decorate with paper napkins.

Wrap Silverware In Napkin Photo

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3. Bow Tie Paper Napkin Fold With Plastic Silverware Inside

Photo The bow napkin fold

       I like this bow tie paper napkin fold with plastic cutlery inside because easy and looks so cute for many party themes. This napkin fold is great to serve cutlery for picnics, kids’ events, or BBQ parties. For this fold, we can use any size of napkin. In the photo, I used a 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size napkin. Silverware we can use any size as well.

       To hold our bow tie with silverware we can use colorful ribbons, cute elastic, trims, decorative tape, or just simply make stripes from craft paper and tape together. So many possibilities when we look at the craft store! One more is a ribbon with wire in it. The convenience, we just twist the ribbon to lock it up on the napkin. Or we can find them at craft stores with decorative wires and attach some decor with them.

      Ribbons we can tape them together with clear tape. If we use narrow trims, try just tying one time on the back of the bow.

      My favorite way to hold napkins and silverware together is elastic. The reason I like elastic is easy for our guests to remove and esthetically the most elegant presentation even after guests remove the elastic band. Elastic we can stitch together or glue together with a craft glue gun is an option too.

*So many options for elastic tapes with designs in stores online. However, remember when you shop the color can be different than on your computer screen. It is the reason why I like to shop locally if I need to match something together.

Tip How To Stop Ribbon From Fraying

If your ribbon will fray, just hold the end of the ribbon above the fire of the candle and the ribbon is going to melt. This simple step stops the fabric ribbon from fraying. This works only with synthetic fibers. If the ribbon is made from cotton or linen, it will be ashes if we fire it. Most ribbons I used were made from synthetic fibers these days.

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  1. I used ruffle elastic to hold napkin with cutlery together. I cut 4 inch piece. Remember we need extra lenght for stitching.

This attractive elastic I bought at local fabric store.

2. Sew together and I have the elastic band to hold my napkin and silverware together.

3. I place my silver-look cutlery on the middle of the napkin.

4. Fold over the silverware napkin but not too tight. So when we are going to make a bow, we don’t wrinkle the napkin too much.

5. Put elastic on the napkin with silverware inside and the bow is ready to serve.

Very easy and fun napkin fold with the elastic band!

Bow napkin folding

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