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7 Kimono Napkin Folds For Sushi Themed Party Decor And More

Kimono style napkin folding

       Kimono paper napkin fold is great decor for a sushi party table, a Japanese-inspired party table, a Samurai party, and other Asian-inspired party themes. We can make these napkin folds in advance and use them when will be ready. Some techniques I found online as napkin fold originally but some simply apply after looking at origami techniques from a paper done by talented origami masters. In my photos, I decorated the plates with chopsticks. However, we do not necessarily need chopsticks, with forks still will be a great element of table decor for the Japanese party theme. I know for sure some people serve sushi with forks as well.

       The seventh technique on the page is a standing fan or rising sun napkin fold. Paper fans often use it as an oriental theme party decoration, so I include this idea on the page. The napkin stands by itself well on the plate and can be served with chopsticks inside the fan napkin or on the side. Check out these 8 techniques and you might find the right one to impress your guests!

Paper napkin folds for sushi party :

  1. Large kimono paper napkin 13″ X 13″ size. Tip on how to make all napkins the same
  2. Kimono from 16″ X 16″ size paper napkin
  3. Kimono with hakama style napkin fold from 13″ X 13″ paper napkin
  4. Small kimono from 13″ X 13″ size paper napkin
  5. Men’s Kimono Paper Napkin Fold From Napkin 13″ X 13″
  6. Chinese-style kimono paper napkin folding. Napkin 13″ X 13″
  7. Kimono With Sleeves Paper Napkin Fold 13″ X13″
  8. Standing fan napkin fold 13″ X 13″

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1. Kimono Paper Napkin Folding For Sushi Party

     I use 13″ x 13″ size paper napkin for this kimono napkin fold. I tried to use for my kimono napkin fold white napkins, colorful napkins, some napkin with a pattern looks good too. So many varieties of napkins we can use to make the kimono and decorate our party table. The napkin is equally a great look on the plate or if we place it next to the plate. This simple napkin fold is great for any Japanise inspired theme party. Make sure you watch the video below! You can easy to make the kimono without practice if you follow the direction.


  1. Open napkin and place face down. Make 1″ fold on the top.

2. Turn the napkin face down. Fold the right corner towards the center as on the photo.

3. Fold left corner. Be sure left side go over right fold. The top of kimono is ready.

4. Fold the bottom of the napkin towards the top. Make 1″ fold towards outside as shown.

5. Turn the napkin kimono around and fold the left size.

6. Fold the left size and kimono is ready.

Paper napkin folding kimono

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How To Make Napkin Kimonos The Same Size

  The table setting will be looks presentable if we make every kimono the same size. To make all kimono the same size I use the first napkin as a guide. I placed a folded napkin in the shape of the kimono on the top of the napkin before fold the corners. The first kimono is the guide on how to fold corners evenly and at the same angle. It makes much easier the process and every napkin kimono will be identical.

I turned the napkin kimono face down. Before fold the right and left sides I used the first napkin kimono again as the guide.

The paper napkin kimono is so cute! This napkin fold we can make in advance for a party. So great idea for Japanese style table setting!

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Video Japanese Kimono Paper Napkin Folding

2. Japanese Kimono Paper Napkin Folding

    Photo Japanese Kimono Napkin Folding

       This paper napkin in the shape of kimono is great to make from a larger napkin. I use a 16′ x 16′ paper napkin to make my kimono. Of course, we can use a smaller napkin as well but the kimono will be much smaller. After we make the first napkin kimono and happy with the shape. Use this napkin as a guide to making the same size and shape other kimonos as I show in the previous technique.


  1. Fold napkin into half. Fold 1 inch above and turn napkin on other side.

Photo Kimono paper napkin 1

2. Fold towards the center the left side and right side as on the photo.

Photo Kimono Napkin Folding 7

3. Turn around the napkin. Fold the bottom of the right side of the napkin towards the center as on the photo. On the left side of the napkin, we fold the same way.

Photo Kimono paper napkin 5

5. Make sure both sides are symmetrical and match each other.

Photo Kimono paper napkin 4

6. Fold the bottom of the napkin and turn around. Our kimono is ready!

Photo Kimono paper napkin 6

Our kimono napkin is so cute on a plate with a bamboo placemat!

Photo Kimono From Paper Napkin

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3. Kimono With Hakama Style Party Paper Napkin Folding

       I use a size paper napkin 13″ X 13″ for my kimono with hakama. In my opinion, it is a men’s kimono napkin fold looks to me. So depends on the party theme you choose and which fold you like the most. Remember to change the napkin color will be a different appearance on the whole table. So, the best practice set your table in advance, so you can see everything works perfectly. These style folded napkins better don’t stack on top of each other if you want the hakama collar to have volume and be noticeable.


  1. Unfold the napkin. I like to fold the top half in two at first. I see the crease in the middle and it makes it easier to fold in the same size 4 folds.

2. Fold the top of the napkin in four as I show in the photo below.

2. Turn around the napkin. Fold the left side as I show in the photo, then the right side goes over the left side.

3. Turn around again. Bend the left corner.

*In this step good to turn around the napkin and make sure before bending the right side our fold will be looking in good proportion. Adjust as you like and then go to the next step.

4. Fold in a half as a “book” napkin. We can easily see where to bend the right side. Fold the right side symmetrically to the left side.

5. Open the napkin.

6. Turn the napkin around and our kimono with hakama is ready.

We can place chopsticks in different ways with this napkin folded in the shape of kimono.

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4. Small Kimono Style Party Paper Napkin Folding

        For this kimono-style napkin fold, I use a size napkin 13″ X 13″. This technique has a few steps the same as the technique kimono with hakama napkin fold but as you can see with a small difference in technique we have absolutely different appearance of the kimono napkin fold. This cute napkin can be placed on the plate or used as a chopsticks holder ( see the photo at the bottom as an example). I used green outside and white inside colors paper napkin in a guide on how to make simple kimono for table decor. Check out this idea for the finishing touch for your perfect table setting!


  1. Unfold the napkin. The top half fold in four. ( N3 technique has more details on how to fold the top.)

2. Turn around the napkin. Fold the left side as I show in the photo, then the right side goes over the left side.

3. Turn around again. Fold in corners.

4. Then fold the bottom.

Turn around and the napkin kimono is ready.

This fold is not only functional, but it also adds a fun touch to your party table. We can use it as decor on the plate and holder for chopsticks as well!

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5. Mens Kimono Paper Napkin Fold


       This napkin folding is looking to me like a men’s kimono. The collar is straight. Simple napkin fold for an Asian-inspired party theme. So easy and impressive, check it out!


  1. Fold the napkin in two.


2. Fold 1 inch on the top, it will be the collar for our kimono.


3. Turn around. Fold the left and right sides together as I show in the photo.


4. Turn around. Fold the corner on one side on the angle. The bottom fold is slightly wider than the collar. Then symmetrically make a fold on another side.



5. Turn around and our kimono is ready for table setting.


This kimono napkin fold looks great on the plate.


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6. Chinese Style Party Paper Napkin Kimono Folding

       I call this napkin folding Chinese-style kimono. The napkin size is 13″ X 13″.  This napkin fold is very easy and has two versions. One I call simple and final is straight-line shoulders. I have many photos and looks like many steps. However, after you fold one time, you . Just try!


  1. Fold the napkin in two. Fold the sides as I show in the photos.  Make sure you leave around 2 inches on the bottom.

2. Make a cuff on the bottom around 2 inches. If you make the smaller cuff, will be a difference in the kimono’s appearance.

*I personally like the almost 2 inches-wide collar for this kimono. I tried to make it 1 inch wide and to me, it look out of proportion.

3. Turn around the napkin. Fold the right side and left side as I show in the photo. The napkin already looks like kimono and we you like you can finish on this step.

4. Turn around the napkin. Fold into the cuff the middle part as I show in the photo.

5. Turn around the napkin and after we fold the cuff we have kimono with straight shoulders and it is a more interesting look.

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7. Kimono With Sleeves Paper Napkin Fold


   This kimono napkin fold has sleeves on the sides. It is easy to fold and makes beautiful decor for table settings. I used  13″ X 13″ napkin.


  1. Fold the napkin diagonally.


2. Fold the napkin 2 inches on the top.


3. If you have the perfect eye, you can skip this step. Fold the triangle in two and make a crease on the top.


4. Fold the right side. The top is 1 inch from the center and the bottom try to fold


5. I placed the chopstick, so it is easy to explain. Chopstick I place where will fold my napkin (the last step). I need to be sure on the bottom I have an opening that looks like sleeves on the bottom.


6. The bottom where was my chopstick I fold under the napkin. My kimono with sleeves is ready.


I like this kimono napkin fold and it will be great in any color of a napkin!


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8. Standing Fan Napkin Fold For An Asian Inspired Table Setting

(13″ X 13″)

Photo Standing fan napkin fold

         Standing fan napkin fold is great for Asian theme parties and any other party themes work well too. I use the fan on the photo for an Asian inspired table setting. We can place chopsticks in two different ways with napkins in the shape of the fan. We can place chopsticks on the site of the fan as in the photo above. We can place chopsticks next to the plate or on the plate. The napkin stands itself great without any additional support and holds the shape. The fan folding technique is so attractive way how to fold napkins for chopsticks in it. I place chopsticks in the pleats for different looks and you can see it in the photo below.

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           I like this paper napkin fold because it makes more volume on the plate and creates height and dimension to the table. This always makes a table setting more interesting and decorative. I tried to make this fold from a napkin with a design on it. I didn’t fund any of my napkins with the right design for this fold to make a photo. However, with some patterns, this fold looks good too.

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  1. The napkin folded in half. I make pleats on the half of the napkin.

2. Fold the fan and the flat side of the napkin in half. The pleats outside and created the fan.

3. Now we need to make a support, so the napkin can stand easily on the plate. The top corner fold towards the bottom.

4. The bottom fold underneath and it will be the base for the fan.

5. The base we can leave as the rectangle shape or fold in addition to a triangle. The view on the photo below from the back of the fan folding.

 Try the fan fold on your table setting and it will make a festive look to any table. This napkin fold is a nice decor not only for an oriental theme party it is great for other themes as well!

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