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How To Fan A Stack Of Paper Napkins For Buffet Table In 10 Seconds

Beverage napkins fan Photo

        So easy and very impressive presentation for beverage napkins is to fan them. Fanning is the best way how to display paper napkins on a buffet table. How to make a fan from a stack of napkins I learned from professionals and it widely used technique in the hospitality industry. Takes just a few seconds to make napkins in the shape of a star but it looks like someone takes a lot of time to make this beautiful stock of napkins. Professionals use serving napkins in fans not only for the pretty appearance on the buffet table. The napkins in the shape of the spiral have the edge of each napkin exposed separately making it easy for guests to grab just one napkin at a time. Do you remember, if we can’t separate napkins from the stack we take more than we need? I do. So, it is a practical reason to fan napkins before the event, it decreases the use of the number of napkins. Choose which technique to fan napkins you like most because we have a few options for fanning beverage napkins. I tried each of these methods and am going to share my opinion on each method and the best technique, I like.

On the page:

  1. Fanning napkins with a glass.
  2. Fanning napkins with a saucer. (video)
  3. Manual by rotating the stock of cocktail napkins around. (video)
  4. Fanning napkins with a fist.
  5. Place fanned napkins in a glass presentation idea.

The photo is from our grandson’s 6-year birthday party, the party theme was Pokemon. All napkins were fanned for presentation.

I fanned these napkins with paper plates. The smooth surface on the top is because I turned them upside down after fanning.

August, 2023

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Important To Make Napkins Loosen Before Start Fanning Napkins

        Very important to make napkins loosen before starting to fan them. The stack of napkins is sometimes not easy to rotate if the napkins are stored in the package for a long.


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1. How To Fan Beverage Napkins With A Glass


        Fanning a stack of paper napkins with glass is the best and easiest way to fancy up the table, in my opinion. Because we don’t wrinkle too much or damage the top napkins when rotating them. Glass is always on hand and it works with all napkins I tried very well. I tried with beverage napkins and lunch napkins too. You can see the impressive result in the photo. Of course, I turned upside down the stock of napkins for the presentation because the top napkin is not perfectly flat after we rotate a glass on it.

We Need:

Stack of paper napkins

Glass  (Egg-shaped, V-shaped or normal glass work great to fan napkins stock great.)


        Place a glass on the top of the stack of napkins and apply pressure. Rotate the glass. The stock of napkins will shape and look like a star from the top. The technique is the same, watch my video below next technique and you see how easy to fan napkins with glass and saucer.


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2. How To Make Spiral Beverage Napkins With A Plate

        Photo How to fan stock of paper napkins

         This method for spreading beverage napkins works well too. Works the same as with glass. Hold with the left hand the bottom napkin. Place a saucer on the top napkins stock, apply pressure, and rotate. Great way instead of putting on the table not an attractive stack of napkins decorate the table with fan napkins. We can use 2 or 3 colors to mutch without a table theme.

        The downside of this method is the top napkins going to be with wrinkles. We can’t prevent this if we use a plate (saucer), I tried. What I do, if I use for fanning napkins a saucer?

1. Turn upside down the stock after you have done to fan out it. This way napkins with wrinkles will be on the bottom.

2. Take out the top of napkins with wrinkles and use for something else or place on the bottom of the napkins stock.


Place a saucer on the top of the stack of napkins. Apply a small pressure on the saucer then start rotating the saucer. To make napkins look like a fan so easy and look so cute on the table. A few napkins from the top usually slightly wrecked after we apply pressure with a saucer. If we turned the stock of napkins upside down, wrinkled napkins will be not visible.

Video How To Fan Out Napkins Stock With Glass And Saucer

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3. How To Make Cocktail Napkins Fan By Rotating Around And No Tools Used

       This method is how to fan a stack of napkins by rotating them in hands. This method needs practice, in my opinion. Try to fan a few times before Holiday comes, so you learn the technique well. Of course, if you fan stock of napkins for the crowd using gloves is a good idea. This method to fan a stock of napkins is good if we don’t want to have any napkins wrinkled on the top. The result will be pretty. Great idea to display paper napkins stock on the buffet table attractive and creative way!

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4. Fan A Stack Of Paper Napkins With A Fist


       My friend told me when she works at a bar, they fan napkins simply with a fist. I didn’t use gloves in the photo but it is probably, a good idea if you serve paper napkins to the public.

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5. Napkins Fan In A Glass

     Photo Fan Paper Napkins In Glass

       If we need to place napkins beautifully in a glass, it takes just one step more after we fan the napkin stack. We can use a small twisted stack of napkins and roll it in a cone shape. It is a quick trick for displaying napkins in a glass beautifully. We can use a glass that can be a great napkin holder for quick and inexpensive party table decor. Just make sure the stock of napkins will fit the glass.

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