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2 Fun And Easy Bloody Mary Cocktail Garnish From Pepper

       One of the most common garnishes for the Bloody Mary cocktail is a pepper. One day I was cutting my peppers and come out with these simple and fun ideas a bird and fun face from the pepper. This garnishes great on glass the Bloody Mary and can be used as a garnish for other cocktails too, where pepper is appropriate. Another use is to garnish the glass with tomato juice. Bell pepper is great a great garnish on a glass of tomato juice or other vegetable juices. I don’t need any carving art skills to make this fun look bird or fun face to decorate a glass of the Bloody Mary for your party.

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1. How To Garnish Bloody Mary With Pepper Bird Idea

Bloody Mary Pepper Bird Decor

       I like this garnish because the pepper bird is looks like is drinking cocktail out of the glass. Another reason is of course, simplicity. We can make the bird with wings or without. It is still fun look garnish.

We Need

  1. Pepper
  2. Pairing knife

How To Make

  1. I am using mini bell pepper to make this fun garnish.

Bloody Mary Pepper Garnish

2. Cut out on the angle small piece of pepper. It will be the mouth.

Pepper Bloody Mary Garnish

3. Cut 2 small triangles out to make eyes.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Garnish

4. Optional we can make wings.

Bloody Mary Garnish Idea

Bloody Mary Pepper Bird Decor

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2. Bloody Mary Cocktail Garnish Fun Face From Pepper

     Very easy and fun the Bloody Mary cocktail garnish idea from mini bell pepper. I like how orange or yellow pepper look for this garnish idea. I tried red pepper but it looks not attractive as light colors peppers.

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We Need

  1. Orange and red mini bell pepper
  2. Pairing knife
  3. Parsley (optional)

How To Make

  1. Cut out 2 small triangle and mouth as on the photo.

2. On the opposite side of the pepper make a cut, so we can attach the pepper on the glass. Cut out an oval out of red pepper, it will be tongue. Cut out the stem to place greens in. I used curly parsley.

3. So cute and fun face from the pepper is ready to go on glass.

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Video 2 Fun And Easy Pepper Garnish Ideas Fow Bloody Mary Cocktail Or Vegetable Juice

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