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3 Easy Halloween Food Decoration Ideas For Party

Halloween garnish from carrot Photo

    These Halloween food decoration ideas are super easy to make and a great way of adding the WOW factor to your Halloween party! So cute and we don’t need too much effort to make these garnishes.

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  1. Jack O’Lantern From Peppers For Veggie Tray Decor.
  2. Carrot Pumpkins and Ghosts Halloween Veggie Platter Ideas (DIY handmade garnish tool idea- easy!).
  3. Halloween Deviled Eggs Black Olive Spiders.
  4. Ghost On Toast For Halloween Breakfast.

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1. Halloween Jack O Lantern Peppers Decor For Veggie Platter

       Halloween Jack O’ Lantern peppers for the veggie tray are so cute Halloween food ideas for kids! Great decoration for a healthy snack for your Halloween party. Almost no time to make, the cutting vegetables for the tray took much more time than making these pepper cutties.

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  1. Wash and dry peppers. Remove the stem, seeds, and ribs. We can use a paring knife. I used on the photo my corer.

2. Cut 3 triangles are eyes and nose. The mouth how you like. Here is our fantasy can fly!

3. The BOO I cut from carrot with paring knife and my Halloween vegetable tray is ready!

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Jack O’Lantern is so a cute Halloween food idea for kids’ parties!

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Video How to Make Jack O Lantern Pepper DIY for Halloween Veggie Tray

Photo Halloween napkin folded in shape of fan

2. Carrot Pumpkins and Ghosts Halloween Veggie Platter Ideas

      I saw this clever idea to make Halloween garnish from carrots online. Oh, so cute Halloween vegetable platter! Of course, too much work for a large platter but we can use this garnished as an element for decoration. I saw in the video, a person using a metal straw to make eyes and mouth. I don’t have a metal straw, so I come out with the idea to make it myself. So easy and fun to make!

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How to Make Metal Straw

           To make eyes and mouth I made handmade custom straw. I made straw from coda can. It works well because sharp enough for a carrot. Of course, we can find and buy something easier, like metal straw. I just share this technique as an option for my Halloween vegetable platter ideas.

   1. Cut square from coda can.

Photo Halloween garnish idea step 1

2. I roll over candy apple stick because too hard make a nice circle without.

Photo Halloween garnish idea step 2

3. Secure with tape. Try to keep the tape from a cutting-edge, so tape not in contact with a carrot when you cut carrot.

*On the photo, I place tape to close to cutting-edge but it is 9 May and I make the Halloween veggie tray for website photos.

Photo Halloween garnish idea step 3

Pumpkin From Carrot for Halloween Veggie Tray

         Photo Carrot garnish idea for Halloween pumpkin

         Peel the carrot and cut a 3-inch piece from the carrot. The larger piece will be too hard to carve. Cut off the bottom of the carrot, so when you cut carrot pumpkins carrot will not roll over.

          I don’t try much to make resembles with real pumpkin, just made 2 triangle cuts and it looks like pumpkin for our veggie tray already.

Photo Halloween garnish idea carrot pumpkin step 1

         Next step is optional, make eyes and mouth. It is up to your creativity and talent. Pumpkins from a carrot garnish is really cute Halloween veggie tray decor!

Photo Halloween garnish idea carrot pumpkin step 2

         To make carrot ghosts is an easy technique and so cute! I make slices, little rounded it on the top and on the bottom make a few cutouts. Eyes I cut out with my handmade straw.

Photo Halloween garnish idea carrot ghost

         So cute Halloween vegetable platter for a kids party!

Halloween garnish from carrot Photo


Video How to Make Pumpkin and Ghost From Carrot for Halloween Food Decor

3. Halloween Deviled Eggs Black Olive Spiders

Photo How to garnish deviled eggs for Halloween

Oh, I love this idea to decorate deviled eggs for Halloween! We don’t need to decorate each egg if you serve many people with a spider. Just make a few eggs with spiders on the center of the plate and it will be great! Of course, if you have kids to help, a great creative project to do. My favorite is black olive spider but as you can see green olives looks good too!

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Photo Halloween how to Garnish Deviled Eggs

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4. Ghost Design On Toast

      To make this ghost on a toast for Halloween I used foil. I blocked area with foil where I want to be my ghost. The technique of how to make a design on toast I show on a heart example step by step. Check out you might like to use this simple trick to make fun toast for your loved ones.

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