How To Make A Pineapple Tiered Plate Stand For Party

Decorative Pineapple Tiered Plate

       I like the DIY idea how to make a pineapple tiered plate stand. A great inexpensive and disposable outdoor table centerpiece idea to serve fruits for a summer party table. I used only not edible part of the pineapple and the slices we can serve for guests. To make this stand took for me a few minutes. I really like the idea because simplicity to make. We can use this idea for outdoor table decoration for summer or other easy setup party tables with disposable plates. I didn’t take a photo but we can use the top plate smaller than the bottom. The top use for small appetizers sticks and the bottom to serve fruits. Really so many possibilities to use this DIY table decoration idea to serve fruits.

* I used a thin wooden skewer to make the stand and it is strong enough to serve berries or light fruits. I didn’t have jumbo bamboo skewers when I was making my stand. Next time when I make the stand I am going to use jumbo skewers for more stability.

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We Need

  1. Pineapple
  2. Two Plastic Plates
  3. Wooden Skewer
  4. Pineapple slicer corer (optional)

*If you don’t have slicer corer, use the whole pineapple. We can cut the pineapple after-party and freeze it for future use. For example, to make smoothies.

*For the project, we need a plastic plate, which has some room on the bottom between the plate and table. So, the skewer has more stability when we stick it in the center of the bottom plate.

How To Make

  1. I used drill to make the whole. The whole shold be the size of the skewer.

*Don’t drill on high speed to prevent the cracking the plate.

2. Cut the top of the pineapple off.

*Wash very well the pineapple and dry off with a paper towel before the cut.

3. I sliced the pineapple with pineapple corer. The slices we can serve on the tired plate or separate on other fuit platter.

4. Cut off the bottom of the pineapple for stability on the plate.

5. My pineapple has a nice crown but on the side leaves were dry. I shaved the leaves off for fresh appearance.

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6. I used orange peel flower to decorate the top of my pineapple.

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6. I cut off the skewer at the right height. I didn’t have a thicker skewer at the time I took photos but a thicker skewer works much better.

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7. Stick the skever inside the core of the pineapple. Then place it on the plate. Push the skewer so it touch the table under the plate.

8. Place the second plate and the crown on the top of the pineapple.

The top of the plate I used for lightweight berries. The bottom for orange wedges. I like this creative decor for picnic table idea!

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Pineapple tired plate stand

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