Recipe Of Russian Chicken Liver Pate

Russian chicken liver pate

        I tried many recipes of Russian chicken liver pate (паштет из куриной печени) in the past and no any of these recipes I really like. My favorite so complicated to make and I  always was looking for a new recipe. Chicken liver pate in Russian call kurinii pashtet ( куриный паштет), we like to serve it for breakfast or as an appetizer. The recipe I found on Russian YouTube from the chef and immediately knew it is the good one! Of course, I added my touch to the original recipe. The recipe for this Russian chicken liver pate is so simple to make and delicious. The most important factor is the pashtet has just 80g butter and good without heavy cream.

      So many details to cook chicken liver right and I am going to share with you the details. For example, the liver can be tricky to cook and one of the secrets, never add salt to the uncooked liver, salt hardens it. I tried to add salt to the almost done liver and it tremendous differents compare if we add salt to the completely cooked liver. The salt still hardened liver even it almost done.

* My friend tried this recipe with beef liver and she likes it too.

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Russian liver pate ingredients Photo

600g chicken liver

100g carrot

100g onion

80g butter

75g 30% cream (optional can be replaced with milk)

75g milk

1 tablespoon brandy

0.5 teaspoon dry thyme ( or 3 fresh thyme)

1 teaspoon sugar


Black pepper

Oil for frying

 For the best result, butter and milk need to be close to room temperature. Liver not too cold too.

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        In my recipe, I use 150-200 ml of milk. In the original, recipe 100ml milk and 100ml 30% cream. I am sure, it is tastier than only milk. However, I prefer to use only milk. In the recipe, I have directions with cream too.


        Another interesting ingredient in liver pate is sugar. Sugar is not always a sweetener. In this recipe is an enhancer of flavors and helps reduce bitterness in the liver.


       The original recipe did have alcohol. However, brandy or cognac improves so much flavor. A small touch makes pate much better.

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 Preparation ingredients:

  1. Wash the liver and dry it on a paper towel. Cut off sinew, fat, and especially bile. On the photo, I marked N1 – bile and N2 green spots from bile. The bile must be removed very carefully if you see small spots, cut them off too (try don’t break bile). If you don’t remove bile, your dish has a bitter taste and will be impossible to eat. Cut liver into the same size pieces.

The same size pieces of the liver will be cooking the same time and we don’t over cook it.

Photo Russian Chicken Liver Pancakes Step 1

2. Dice onion in medium size dices.

3. Shred carrot.

I like to shred carrot, so it faster cooks. We can also slice it.

Cooking Direction:

  1. Fry on high-temperature onion 3-5 minutes. We need slightly caramelized it. Lower the heat. Add carrot to the onion and fry for 2-3 minutes.

    If need add more vegetable oil for carrot. Don’t let carrot dry out.

Liver pate vegetables photo

2. Add 1/4 cup boiling water and cover the skillet with a lid. Saute vegetables by water evaporates completely.

The water let vegetables build more flavors together.

3. Fry on high heat liver with vegetable oil for 2-3 minutes. Add brandy and let it evaporate for 1 minute.

 I used the same skillet after vegetables. I just whipped remains of vegetables off.

4. Add the butter in small cubes, add sugar and saute under cover 5-7 minutes by the liver is done. Liver should not have any pink inside.

5. Add vegetables to the liver, add milk, salt, and pepper, thyme and saute for a few minutes. Check the sauce for salt. When we have done liquid should cover the liver on the half.

Milk should be room temperature.

If we use cream. Saute for 2 minutes milk at first and than add cream and saute on very low heat 3 minutes more.

6. Place the liver with vegetables to a blender and make a paste. The consistency needs to be very smooth.

The best appliance to make liver pate is a blender for me.

7. Place in ramekin pate. Beat the dish slightly on the table to remove air pockets. Cool off before cover.

8. Pour a small amount of melted butter on the top to preserve liver pate from spoiling. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in the refrigerator.

I used fine layer pomegranate jello on the top and like much more than butter. Slightly sour jello compliments so good pate and preserves it from contact directly with air. Another topping is just softened butter. Cool off the pate and add small layer of butter on the top of pate. Great way to decorate pate because we can add design to soft butter and very pleasant to eat.

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So good on toasted bread in the morning, light lunch, or a great appetizer for a party!

This chicken pate is good for up to 3 days in the refrigerator.


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Russian chicken liver pate

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Chicken Pate New Orleans Restaurant Domenica

To use jello on the top of chicken pate I learned when I tried smooth and delicious pate at the New Orleans restaurant Domenica. The pate had so small fine layer of Moscato jello. The jello really didn’t have any taste so much because the layer was so thin. I was so inspired, to make my chicken liver pate shortly with pomegranate jello on the top, and love this combination!

*I spoke to one Russian chef about pate and he said to make a very fine layer of jello restaurants use liquid nitrogen.

The photo from my daughter in law baby shower celebration in 2017

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