OXO Lever Ice Cream Scoop 5 Uses In My Kitchen

       I love my OXO lever ice cream scoop! It made with sharp edges and good not only scoop ice cream. I am using very often my scoop and decided to share with you my experience. It is so simple kitchen tool and I am going to dedicate the whole page to share my experience because I like my scoop very much and it is a great investment. It is not only an ice cream scoop. It is a multitasking tool in my kitchen. OXO lever ice cream scoop is a different scoop than I had before because of the construction. Very well build and can handle very hard ice cream. I mention it because some of my scoops broke in the past and I keep buying new ones.

1. Use OXO Ice Cream Scoop To Scoop And Make Balls From Ice Cream

      Photo Serving Ice Cream With Melon Baller

        I use my OXO lever ice cream scoop to scoop ice cream and to make large balls. To create a ball from ice cream, place as deep as possible scoop into ice cream, and rotate. To make the small balls of ice cream I used a melon baller.

*The spiral strawberry garnish technique you can on the 9 strawberry garnish page.

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2. Use To Make The Same Size Meat Or Vegetables Patties

        The OXO lever ice cream scoop has the perfect size for the midium size of patties! To make the same size patties is important because this way they not only pretty but cooking time is the same for all.

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3. Use To Scoop Vegetables For Stuffing

        I use the OXO tool to scoop vegetables. I can use a spoon as well but the scoop wider and has sharp edges and for some vegetables just perfect to use. On the photo, I use my OXO scoop for stuffing chayote squash. We can use for eggplants and zucchini too.

Photo Stuffed shrimp mirlitons

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4. Clean Out Vegetables With OXO Lever Ice Cream Scoop

         OXO lever ice cream scoop is great to hollow vegetables as a pumpkin! The sharp edges make it so easy and a spoon can’t compete with the scoop for this task. On the photos below I show spaghetti squash and melon.

Photo Boat from melon garnish idea

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