Russian Cuisine Recipes With Garnish Ideas

      Welcome to my collection Russian cuisine recipes! I am Russian and I would love to share my motherland country recipes with you. Most of the recipes in my collection from modern days. I testing recipes from old Russian cookbooks and when I like it put in list of recipes to post on my website. I live in the USA and some recipes to hard to test or cook because some ingredients easily available in Russia and not easy to find here. In my recipes I use ingredients available in the USA. Russian cuisine has so many great recipes to give a try. Check them out!

Photo Russian salo in
Russian chicken liver
Photo Russian Korean Carrot Salad Feature
Photo Russian Imitation Crab Meat Appetizer
Photo Russian Stuffed Potato
Photo Russian Style Pork Chops garnished with red
Photo. Russian Beverage Strawberry Kompot
Photo Salad from Cooked Cabbage
Cabbage Salad photo
Russian Crapes photo
Photo Russian stuffed beet leaves
Photo Russian Potato Salad Olivier
Photo Russian Meat and Beets Vinaigrette Salad Photo
Russian Salad Vinegret Photo
Russian appetizer from crapes
Photo Russian eggplant appetizer Garnish with flower from tomato.

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