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How to Use Carrot Curler Garnish Tool Or Carrot Curler

Photo NorPro Carrot Curler and Flower from Carrot

       A carrot curler is a great garnish tool to make flowers from a carrot peel! We can make flowers from some other vegetables as well. Check out 3 methods with step-by-step photos and video below. I can’t make a ribbon so thin and fine with a knife as it comes out from the tool. So nice to have for a last-minute garnish touch to salads, appetizers, bouquet salads, or other dishes. So many brands making this tool but I featured what I use personally and sharing it with you.

On the bottom of the page, I have an example of a similar tool, I use for other garnishes. The ribbon comes out thinner than from NorPro and the flowers look different. Photo Flower made with Wolfgang vegetable curler 1

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1.How to Make Carrot Flowers With NorPro Carrot Curler

Photo NorPro Carrot Curler and Flower from Carrot

Wash and peel the carrot before use curler. The best way to make flowers just before serve. If you would like to make carrot flowers in advance, keep carrot flowers in slightly salty water in the refrigerator. It does not work for parsnips because parsnips change the structure in water. Parsnip flowers so pretty but we definatelly need to make then just before serve.

Technique Flower N1:

  1. Place the peeled carrot inside the curler and rotate clockwise as sharpening a pencil. Keep your end of the ribbon on the surface, so it won’t brake. The ribbon comes out so thin and beautiful.
Photo How to make carrot flower step 2

2.  Roll the ribbon in shape of the flower and serve!

Photo How to make carrot flower step 2

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Technique Flower N2:

I used carrot flowers in my bouquet salad, we can also use these flowers to decorate so many different dishes and vegetable platters as well.

*Radish flowers I made with an apple corer slicer check the technique with the video ⇒ 7 Easy And Fun Radish Garnish Ideas For Vegetable Platters

1. Make cuts with the crinkled or wavy blade of carrot curler like on the photo.

Photo How to make carrot flower Technique 2

2. Continue like with technique N1. These flowers also are very beautiful!

Photo how to make curls with carrot curler
Photo how to make curls with carrot curler

Technique Flower or Curls N3:

To make interesting curls or simple other flowers, make the cut around the carrot half way like on the photo. The ribbon will be separate in 2 ribbons. I like to use this technique more for curls to add to salad than for flowers.

Photo how to make curls with carrot curler
Photo how to make curls with carrot curler

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Video How To Use NorPro Carrot Curler

Flower From Pickle On Meat Platter

Photo The flower made from pickle

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Flower From Parsnip

Photo Flower from parsnip

Flower from Parsnip

Simple Celery Appetizer Garnished With Carrot Flowers

Carrot, celery and cream cheese is so great combination for the appetizer. It is so beautiful and impressive presentation with the carrot!

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Photo Garnish Appetizer Celery Carrot and Cream Cheese

Photo Garnish appetizer celery with carrot

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Photo Flower from Parsnip Root

An easy and beautiful way to make decorations like on the photo below for salads.

Photo How to make curles from cucumber

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Example How Works Joie Carrot Curler

      I have another carrot curler, I bought it at the local store last year. The curler from Joie company. I just show an example, how I make the flower with it. It is created not fine flower like NorPro curler. The ribbon comes out thicker as you can see in the photo. I use it to make cucumber flower sometimes.

Photo Carrot curler Joae

Photo Carrot frower made with Joae curler

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The Salads Decorated With Flowers Made With NorPro Carrot Curler


      Layla (the host of the house) decorated salads with flowers made with NorPro Carrot Curler. Here are a few other examples of how we can use carrot curler.

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    On the photo below herring under coat salad decorated with a flower made from carrot.


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