How to Make Decorative Frills for Turkey or A Crown Roast From Napkin and Foil

Photo Rosemary Lemon baked chicken

Baked Rosemary Chicken

        I am going to share the technique of how to make beautiful and at the same time, practical and useful frills to cover the end of bones of a turkey, chicken, lamb, and veal cutlets, crown roast bones, bones in steaks, or dish with handle served hot (see examples photos below). All kinds of frills we can make with this technique from small to large, from napkins or from paper. My decorative frills technique is very flexible and doesn’t need any additional supplies, just cooking foil.

       I remember I was working as a cook and we had on the menu chicken Kiev (stuffed chicken breast with a small bone in it). We make chicken leg frills in advance when we were not busy. We served this dish as presentable and very attractive because we cover the bone with frills. I know, someone going to say, old fashion way… Personally to me, it looks classic and neat. Frills much better look than bare bone on the plate or covered bone just with foil, as some restaurants do cover the bone. I always was thinking about the easy solution when serving my husband, for example, stuffed chicken drumsticks. One day I came up with the idea, I wish I knew it many years ago when was working at the restaurant!

I suggest don’t use tape or staples to hold together the frill! Easy but not safe to serve with food.

        In restaurants in Russia, we had strict rules on how to serve food with frills and when. We can’t use tape on it when I was working and leaving there. The reason is very simple, the tape or glue from the tape can get into the serving food. Using staples never even cross my mind but I saw online some people use them in relation to food, so I mention them. Steples are so small metal pieces and if it will be lost in the food it can bring a big disaster.

       We can use paper chicken booties not only for decorative purposes. If we carve birds on the fancy holiday table looks much nicer and less messy, if we hold the bird with a napkins frill instead of bone directly. Another important reason to use frills, protect our hands from the heat of the bone. Of course, the visual effect is the reason to use frills too. For example, chicken or lamb chop served with frills keeps memories of the festive meal for years!

In the photo above, the Baked rosemary lemon chicken recipe

*We can buy online premade frills to dress up our table for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Search for “regency chop frills decorative holders for chops and chicken legs” or “white paper chop holders”. However, homemade alternatives are so much better because we can adjust to custom sizes easily and make them from any desired color or design.

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We need:

  1. Soft texture napkin
  2. Cooking foil
  3. Scissors

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We can make decorative frills in advance and use them as need it. I use foil to make flexible fritters or what some people call turkey booties. As an example, I show how to make frills from napkins 13’x13′.

*If we use very soft napkins to make frills, the napkin sticks to the bone itself. Just press the napkin to the bone and meat juice or fat works as glue and frill stick the bone easily (some people use a drop of water) I don’t suggest this method, because a piece of a napkin can get easily to the food and don’t always works as we want. Just add foil and it works every time great!

  1. Cut napkin in the half.

2. Fold the napkin in half but leave 1″ on the bottom.

N1 – make the mark from the fold, it will be the guide to making cuts.

N2 – don’t make a pleat.

3. Make cuts and turn over, so our decor will be fluffy.

4. I use 2.5′ X 8′ foil stripe. Fold in like you can see in the photo. The foil will not appear from the right side of the fritter.

5. Foil ears left on sides fold inside. Foil not appear outside the frill, if we roll around chicken or turkey bone.

A great technique to make frills for a food gathering for any Holiday!

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Colorful Decorative Frills

My favorite color is white for frills because it goes perfectly with any set of Holiday tables. However, we can try to use other colors as well. We can make decorative frills in different colors of napkins or paper. For example, my orange decorative frills on the ceramic bean pot in the photo below are great for a fall table setting. Easy to make festive decorations not only for food, but we can also place them on the dishes! And I repeat again, it is not only a decorative purpose, we protect guests’ hands from the hot dishes we serve.

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Photo How to make decorative frills for dishes

Russian mushroom in the sour cream hot appetizer

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Decorative Frills On Other Dishes

     I am originally from Russia and is a very common technique to decorate the end of bird bones, meat served on a bone, dishes with a handle like on the photo to serve hot an appetizer, again not only a decorative purpose. In the photo, a dish called cocotnisa (кокотница). Cocotnisa is a very common dish served at Russian restaurants as hot appetizers. For example, mushrooms in a sour cream sauce with cheese on top. The paper frills protect fingers from the heat on the dish.

*We (I and my kids) brought these dishes on the photo from Russia in my luggage when we move to the USA over 20 years ago. My American husband was surprised to see what I was carrying in my luggage. I don’t use them often but I never regret we have carried them from one side of our planet to another.

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