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How to Shred Cabbage for Salad

Photo How to shred cabbage with knife 1

        This page how to shred cabbage into thin strips mostly to share advice for young home cooks. I learned a long time ago this technique. I am Russian and we have a lot of cabbage dishes and cook cabbage often. I posted a video on Youtube just didn’t expect many people will be interesting. It is one of the most watching my videos. Cabbage has the most valuable leaves for salad on the top. So when we shred the top for salad, the salad will be more fine and nice. Cabbage can be winter lighter color and very solid or summer cabbage, the very fluffy and green color usually. Just maybe useful will be for someone, I going to mention a few tips about fermenting cabbage. For fermented cabbage, the best is winter cabbage. Very important to choose the right salt for pickling. The best for pickling any vegetable is cristal salt because it is natural and doesn’t have anything in it. To fine salt, companies add chemicals to prevent hardening and it is not beneficial for canning. Don’t use iodized salt for canning also. I did a lot of canning in my life when was leaving in Russia.

         This technique I often use to make coleslaw and other salads with cabbage like Russian stir-fry cabbage salad or Russian cabbage salad (slightly pickled). I am going to share with you how I was taught by my family member a long time ago. This technique to slice cabbage great to use also to make fermented sauerkraut as other dishes from shredded cabbage.

Photo How to shred cabbage with knife

The bottom of the cabbage I use for cooking different dishes, for example, stuffed cabbage leaves, soup Vegetarian Borscht

Safety Tip For Cutting Cabbage

Please, remember the golden rule when cutting any big vegetable. Create a flat surface on the bottom by cutting a small slice, so it not rolling on a cutting board. 

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If you are going to use part of cabbage for cooking, leave bottom for cooking and top for salad. The bottom of the cabbage has thicker leaves and better use in cooking. Like for soup or frying or braising. The top of cabbage is the best for salad!

  1. Cut cabbage into half, see the photo.

Photo How to Shred Cabbage 1

2. Hold cabbage like on the photo and gradually rotate cabbage, when shredding it. As a result, we are going to shred thin stripes of cabbage because leaves are perpendicular to the knife.

Photo How to Shred Cabbage 2

3. In some point, you will have a small piece of cabbage and will be hard to shred. Separate it into layers.

Photo how to Shred Cabbage 5

4. Choose a number of leaves you comfortable with. Flat it on a cutting board and keep continue slice cabbage. This way will be easy to slice rest of cabbage.

Photo How to Shred Cabbage 3

5. Cabbage strips come out very even and nice!

Photo How to Shred Cabbage 4

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Video How To Shred Cabbage With a Knife

2 Blades Cabbage Knife

         I am Russian and when I was leaving my Motherland I brought so many kitchen tools to my new home but one tool and left behind. I left behind great cabbage knife with double blades which I used so often to shred cabbage when I was leaving in Russia. It is actually well known widely use culinary tool in Russia.

        I found my favorite knife on Ebay and it is good quality cabbage knife and made in Russia. I have all kinds of shredders (manual and electric) and I still like to have this knife in my kitchen. I like to use 2 blades cabbage slicer because :

  1. The knife is safer to use than chef’s knife because blades covered.
  2. It takes twice as fast than chef’s knife.
  3. I don’t have to do anything to make even and very thin cabbage stripes.

Cabbage Knife With 2 blades Photo

Cabbage slicer

Old Fashion Manual Cabbage Shreader


        I saw this primitive large cabbage shreader on the wall at our local Cracker Barrel restaurant (I live in the USA). It brought me memories from my childhood. My parents and grandparents used to make fermented cabbage for winter in large amount with the same spreader in Siberia, Russia. This gadget is really great invention, in my opinion! I checked online and was surprised we can buy a new version of this primitive cabbage shreader with tree blades. I know, electric kitchen gadgets these days shred cabbage much faster. I agree, but when many years ago we prepare cabbage for winter, every member of family was involved. Father always was shreaded cabbage because he was stronger in our family. We talk, we laught and every member of my family feel own importance in this process. It was great memories in my life.

     Note that the shreader on the wall doesn’t have the lid. The lid of shreader is very important, if for some reason you are going to shop for one, keep it in your mind. The lid is important for safety reason we need it when we have left a small piece of cabbage to press it.

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Although I’ve shredded plenty of cabbage in my day, I’ve never tried this technique. Thank you so much for sharing!! I can see that this is a very good way to shred the cabbage finely and evenly and I love the idea of using the bottom (tougher) parts for braising or other cooking and reserving the top for salads. I’m definitely trying your method next time I make sauerkraut!


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