Stir-Fry Cabbage Salad Recipe

Photo Russian Stir-fry Cabbage Salad Recipe

Cooked Cabbage Salad

        The stir-fry cabbage salad is a crunchy, tasty, and healthy dish! Really it, not so much stir-fry just saute to make soften the cabbage, people usually make this salad, if someone in the family doesn’t like strong raw cabbage taste. Originally we make it with sunflower oil without a light taste of sunflower. I live in the USA and I most the time make my salad with olive oil with a light taste, so in the recipe is olive oil.

       Very easy to make this cabbage salad and just a few ingredients. A good starter for a dinner or great as a side dish salad for ribs or pork chops. This salad recipe is made from slightly cooked cabbage and has very mild cabbage taste. If you would like a mild taste of cabbage, it was you looking for! So simple, healthy, and tasty. Good next day too, if you have left something for the next day.

Give it a try, the salad is very delicious!

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1 pound (450 g) cabbage

1 small carrot

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon  sugar

1 tablespoon vinegar

2 tablespoon olive (without strong taste) oil 

1/4 teaspoon coriander 

Cooking Direction:

  1. Shred very fine cabbage. Add salt.
Photo salad from cooked cabbage

2. Saute cabbage on medium heat for 2 minutes or so, by point it shrink twice in size, stir gently. Don’t add oil. Cabbage is going to release juice after we add salt and steam from juice going to help soften our cabbage.


Russian stir-fry cabbage salad


Photo Russian stir-fry cabbage salad Recipe

3. Add carrot and grounded coriander.

*I like to freshly crushed coriander. I use small marble mortar. Works very well for a small amount of spices.

Photo Russian stir-fry cabbage salad

4. Add sugar.

Photo Russian Salad from Cooked Cabbage

5. Add white vinegar and oil. Mix well and let marinade for 30 minutes before serving. Good for the next day too.

Photo Russian stir-fry cabbage salad

The great garnish is chives on the top!


Photo Russian stir-fry cabbage salad

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2 replies
  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely recipe Gala. I never knew you could cook cabbage for salads and thereby reduce the strong cabbage taste! I’m definitely going to give this a whirl for my next barbecue day!

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      Jeanette, Thank you so much for your reply! I like this technique to soften cabbage before add marinade. It makes so easy and perfect side dish for pork dishes.


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