7 Ideas How To Garnish Vegetable Tray For Party

            Photo Flower from radish peel

          Looking for inspiring ideas on how to garnish vegetable trays with flowers from different vegetables and techniques. I share how to make fancy vegetable garnishes with no time and much effort. All garnishes are super easy to make and at the same time impressive for the Holiday table. Every technique has a link to the page with step-by-step tutorials and some have a video tutorial as well. These vegetable flower ideas are nice to garnish vegetable salad, appetizers, finger food, and more.

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1. Peony Flower from Cabbage Napa For Vegetable Tray

Napa cabbage is one the best vegetables to make a flower to decorate the vegetable platter. Also very practical because we don’t use the cabbage from the bottom any way for cooking.

Photo From Chinese Cabbage Napa

Read how to make the flower ⇒ How to Make Garnish 3 Flowers from Chinese Cabbage

2. Impressive Vegetable Plate Garnish With Flower From Pepper

         Pepper flowers are so pretty garnish, especially on large trays. The technique is so easy but we need time to curl our pepper flower petals. However, pepper flowers can stay in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. How to store peppers flowers (I have photos) read here ⇒ Easy Pepper Flower Garnish Ideas

Photo Garnish vegetable tray pepper decor

3. Flower From Celery As Garnish For Vegetable Tray

            Celery flower is so nice to make. Most vegetable trays include celery and we can make use of the part, which is usually thrown away. The celery flower is more open up and more beautiful if we keep it in ice water for a few hours. The celery flower is so cute decor not only for a vegetable platter, we can garnish appetizer platters finger food, and much more.

Photo Celery garnish idea cute flower

Read how to make the flower ⇒ Easy Celery Garnish Ideas

4. Flower From Parsnip Decor For Vegetable Tray

           The parsnip flower is so pretty but we need to make it just before serving. For example, carrot flower we can keep in salted water. I tried with parsnip flower, it deformed and looks not great.

Photo Flower from parsnip

Read how to make the flower ⇒ How to Use NorPro Carrot Curler To Make Flowers

5. Rose Flower From Tomato On Veggetable Platter

         Tomato one the most common vegetable in recipes. I like to add only cherry or small tomatoes to a vegetable tray. However, the tomato flower we make from the peel and inside of tomato, we can use for cooking. For example, peel tomato to make a flower before make a sauce.

Photo Rose from tomato on vegetable platter

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6. Cucumber Ribbon Flower Great Decor For A Vegetable Tray

The cucumber ribbon flower is so simple and cute. We can decorate vegetable plate. This garnish is a great garnish for cocktails.Cucumber Flower Garnish Idea

Check out how to make the flower ⇒ 7 Easy Ideas How To Cut Cucumber For Cocktails

7. Crinkle Cutter For Vegetable Tray Decor

To make the beautiful zigzag cuts I used a crinkle cutter. So handy kitchen tool to have for food decor!

Photo Celery garnish idea with crinkle cutter plate

Check out how to make the cuts ⇒ 7 Ideas How To Use A Crinkle Cutter To Garnish Food

8. Vegetable Tray Decor For Halloween

Very easy and fun idea to decorate vegetable platter for Halloween!

Check out how to make this decor ⇒ 3 Easy Halloween Food Decoration Ideas

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