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3 Fun And Easy Salami Garnish Ideas For Appetizers Or Meat Platters

Photo Flower From Salami

      Salami is a great garnish for many meat and cheese platters. I am going to share a few ideas on how to use salami to decorate festive appetizers for the party. The first technique is using a glass to shape the salami rose. So pretty!  The second is the technique of how to make a hat for the fun head made out of the hard-boiled egg. Entertaining project to do with kids! The second is a bow idea. I use olives to make the bow stay in the place. Our bow newer unfolds because olive holds it in the shape. We can make bows without olive and it works with some salami but with some salami, it not works. The third idea is to make a butterfly from a small pickle as a body and salami as wings. Check out ideas and you might use them for your next party!

1. Salami Rose Made Using A Glass

Photo Flower From Salami

      Salami rose is great decor for a meat platter, cheese board, charcuterie board, or crackers as a delicious addition. Especially a great idea for a summer garden party! To make a salami rose with glass is so easy and the flower holds shape so well. We can add rosemary or parsley to make the flowers looks prettier on the plate. I used Italian salami in the photos. Check out this easy technique! I am sure, you are going to use this easy technique in the future!

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Salami Rose Technique

  1. I am using 1 1/2″ in diameter shot glass. My salami slices are 3″ in diameter.

Photo rose from salami step1

2. Place a slice of salami inside the glass halfway. Place another slice and make sure it overlaps the first slice.

3. Continue placing salami slices inside the glass. Look inside the glass, to be sure the rose is looking good. My rose has 8 petals.

Photo Rose from salami step 3

4. Turn upside down the glass and slightly press, so salami slices stick better to each other. Remove glass and our salami rose is ready.

Photo Rose from salami step 5

5. The rose is so pretty and holds shape very well.

Photo Salami Flower Wine Glass

The rose made out of salami is so pretty and impressive! We can use this technique to make roses out of other cured meats as well!

Photo Salami Rose Glass

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Video How to Make Salami Rose Using A Glass

2. Hat From Salami For Kids Party

       So cute and simple technique how to make a hat from salami. Great for a kid’s birthday party or other kid’s events. I use my salami hat to cover fun heads made out of hard-boiled eggs. The hat can be used for other food decors as well. For example, it can be a hat for a cheese ball in the shape of showmen or a hat for snowmen from boiled eggs. Our imagination doesn’t have a limit!

        When we make decorative details for any party but especially for kids, I suggest using everything edible as decor. So, if someone wants to eat garnish it will be always a pleasant experience. To make the eyes I used linen seeds, the nose I made from capers, and the mouth from a small piece of salami, it is what I had on my hand. However, we can use pimentos, olives, vegetables, gherkins to make eyes and nose. To make round eyes we can use straw as a cutter. Another simple method – drow the face with food markers.

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Hat From Salami Technique

  1. Slice salami slice halfway to the center.

2. Roll into the desirable size cone.

3. Sometimes it stays in place but I suggest to make the secure cut.

4. Our hat is ready and I decorated the egg for deviled eggs platter.

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3. How To Make A Bow From Salami

       I like cute garnish from salami in the shape of the bow because so simple to make it. We can use it to garnish meat or cheese platters or small appetizers. On the photo above I decorated meat and cheese platter with a salami bow. Salami bow look so nice on small appetizers. As an example, I cut squares of cheese and attached with a skewer olive and salami bows.

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Salami Bow Technique

  1. Fold a slice of salami in the shape of the bow. Apply pressure so it stays in the shape.

Photo How to make bow from salami

What To Do If The Bow Doesn’t Stay In the Shape?

       Salami can be different and some don’t stay well in the shape of the bow. Two techniques to keep salami in the shape of the bow. First and super easy is to serve it on the skewer. Second is we can use pickled vegetables or cheese instead of the skewer. As long it goes well with salami to eat together. As an example, I use black seedless olive on the photo. We can make a simple appetizer or decorate meat and cheese platter with salami in the shape of the bow. So many variations to use this idea for Holiday food decor. Some people say, so much work! Let me not agree, we don’t have to make so many bows with olives, just a few bows still will be a great platter decor!

*Tip. Olives from a can lose the shine so fast. In professional kitchens, chefs cover olives in oil. This way olives stay shiny much longer. In the photo below you can see the example. I was taking photos for a few minutes and my olive is not shiny anymore.

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Salami Bow With Olive Technique

  1. Make the cut on seedless olive.

Photo Olive and Salami In The Shape Of The Bow

2. Put on the top of the bow as I show on the photo.

So cute garnish from salami , especially for kids party!

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3. Butterfly From Salami And Gherkin

Photo Butterfly from salami garnish

    Very cute and simple idea from salami is a butterfly garnish. Salami and gherkin is a great combination for appetizer platter! We can serve it on a skewer or without the skewer. This garnish will be cute for a summer party! The garnish so primitive and opinion can be different on what this garnish resembles. Some people say it is a butterfly and some can say it is a bee. However, butterflies or bees both are great summer party table decor.

    This garnish we can use to decorate not only appetizers, but it can also be a great garnishing idea for Bloody Mary cocktail, especially for summer.

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Butterfly From Salami Technique

  1. Cut gherkin in the middle, so it has the two splits. Make salami in the shape of the bow as I showed in the bow technique. Insert the salami bow into the split.

When I was taking photos of my butterfly from salami garnish, I surprisingly for myself came out with a new idea for the same garnish! My butterfly turn into perfect crocodile garnish and just eyes were missing! I make eyes for my gherkin crocodile, placed a slice of mozarella in crocodile mouth and took the photo! The eyes I made out of black sesame seed.

Gherkin and salami Crocodile Garnish Idea

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