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Photo Russian Potato Salad Olivier

Russian Salad Olivier (Oliviye) Recipe

       Olivier is a traditional Russian salad. Salad has many versions. Here is a recipe from my kitchen, how I like it. We can make this salad with your favorite cold meat or chicken, some versions have crawfish in them. My favorite is chicken. A great salad for store rotisserie chicken use. The vegetables can be steamed, baked, and boiled. I like to steam because of convenience and quality compere to boiling. Taste baked vegetables slightly better compared to the other two methods. Vegetables need to be cool off before dicing.  My favorite cut is the dice size of peas for this salad. Best mayonnaise is homemade, just try one time and you going to like it, makes big difference. Pickles can be a substitute for fresh cucumbers or some people like half and half. If you add fresh cucumber salad good only the same day because cucumber release juice. Apple can be added also for this recipe 0.5 cups diced apple, not my favorite addition, but some of my friends like, try and maybe you like too. If you would like to prepare it for the next day, you can dice it in advance. Mix and add sauce day of serving. You can try also a sauce variation of 2/3 mayonnaise + 1/3 sour cream.

        If you are going to use cucumber in a salad, I like piled and without seeds. Two reasons to remove seeds. The seeds part has a lot of juice and when in contact with salt or even by itself lot of liquid. Long cucumbers inside have slightly bitterness. When I heard it from one cooking show, of course, I checked by comparison cucumber with seeds and without and agree. I didn’t check every kind of cucumbers, but long ones for sure. It improves my salad and I prefer to remove it. What do I do with seeds? Eat it. Best for guests rest for me. I don’t know why I never hungry after cooking.

Lettuce Boats with Russian Salad Olivier

               Photo Russian Salad Oliver Stuffed Lettuce

          A very good combination of this salad serving on romaine lettuce, and celery as garnish. I use romaine lettuce leaves as little plates. The top decorated with salary. Canned peas, I replace with cooked peas this time. Instead, pickles used cucumber. Celery so good with this salad.

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Artichoke Stuffed with Russian Salad Olivier

Photo Russian Potato Salad Olivier


I love artichoke! Usually, I steam it. It is not much to eat in artichoke but if we stuffed with this salad it makes a great lunch.

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11 oz cooked chicken breast

 15 oz cooked potatoes

2 oz cooked carrot

7 oz dill pickles

3 boiled eggs

4 oz  purple onion

4 oz cooked green peas

1 oz  green onion

0.5 – 1 cup mayonnaise

Fresh dill and parsley to taste

Salt Pepper to taste

Russian Salad Olivier
Russian Olivier Salad

Photo How to make homemade mayonnaise recipeRecommended ⇒ Homemade Mayonaise Recipe and Very Detailed Technology Of Preparation. I base the info on my old Russian textbook from culinary college.

Cooking Direction:

1.Chop and marinade onion in wine vinegar, little sugar, salt and 0.5 teaspoons any vegetable oil for 5-10 min.

Photo Onion for Salad

2. Chicken breast tear into strips and cut into small pieces, a size close to peas. I like this way more than just dice. My friend is a chef and gave me this advice. When we separate the meat into stripes manually taste better, because this way meat observes more sauce.

Photo Chicken for Salad Olivie
Photo Chicken for Salad Olivie

3. Dice potato in size of peas.

Salad Olivier

4. Peel pickles. Dice pickles in size of peas.

Salad Olivier

5. Dice carrot into small size dice.

Salad Olivier

6. Dice eggs.

Salad Olivier

7. Chop green onion and parsley.

Photo Salad Olivie Chopping Onion

8. Mix vegetables, eggs, green peas and meat together and add mayonnaise. Taste before add salt, because pickles and mayonnaise have salt. Pepper as you like. Chill and serve.

Russian Salad Olivier


VIDEO Salad Olivier Recipe

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