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Bay Leaves as Culinary Herb and Uses

1. Bay Leaves Uses in Cooking

Bay leaves are a good addition to meat, chicken, fish, seafood, and vegetable dishes. So good to use in most stocks and broth. Very good flavor for pickling vegetables, fish, seafood, and mushrooms. In some cultures add bay leaves to a tea base beverage.

2. How to Use Bay Leaves for Cooking

Cooking with fresh bay leaves same as with dry. Fresh have mild and much more pleasant flavor than dry ones.

In soups add 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking and remember to remove after*.

Meat dishes, like pork roast, Louisiana red beans, and rice, add 20 minutes before done.

For canning vegetables or mushrooms, leave in a jar and seal.

When we use it to make a marinade for seafood or fish use like peppercorns.

We can add the flavor of bay leaves by boiling them separately in water and add infusion to your dish. If you make an infusion for soup, use broth (stock) from this soup to make the infusion. It is more time consuming but we don’t have to remove leaves after dish done and have control of the amount of flavor giving to a dish.

*Bay leaves can give bitterness to our dish, especially dry leaves.

3. How to Preserve Fresh Bay Leaves

I know 2 ways to preserve bay leaves. Freeze or dry.

4. Bay Leaves in Russia

Like a plant, Laurel tree grew naturally in South Russia and indoors as a plant in North of the country. This herb is very common in every Russian kitchen like salt and pepper. It is very interesting that Russian recipes usually require more leaves than similar American recipes.

Bay leaves tree Photo

Bay leaves tree 1 Photo

Bay Leaves Plant

Bay leaves tree 3 Photo1. Water regularly, but not too much. A plant doesn’t survive with a lot of watering.

2. A bay leaves plant grows very slow, consider it when getting a plant.

3. Bay plants available online and local nursery.

4. Money wise is very practical to get a tree if you use often bay leaves in cooking.

5. Best flavor in older dark green leaves.

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