Paper Napkin Folding Ideas For Easter Holiday

        Photo Easter paper napkin folding

          When our guests join the party napkins are one of the first nice touches that they see. Holiday paper napkin folding is the solution to add additional touch especially if we have napkins in solid colors. I am sharing a few ideas on how to fold paper napkins for Easter in the shape of carrots.

All folds for a square napkin. All examples are shown on 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size paper napkins.

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1. Easter Paper Napkin Folding In Carrot Shape ( 2 Ways To Fold)

        Photo Easter paper napkin folding

          The fold in shape of carrot from paper napkin design is great for Easter party or kids party. So cute and simple! A perfect choice to decorate plates for Easter Holiday table to bring a charming complement to Easter-theme. For this Easter napkin folding, we need green and orange napkins. Looks so good with green plastic utensils!

           You can see 2 methods A and B to fold Easter napkins. Method A is super easy. Method B needs more effort but looks more realistic and has more details.

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This variation of Easter napkin folding is my favorite because of no much work and easy to make identical carrots.

  1. Fold the orange napkin into the half and green fold 4 times. Place green napkin inside the orange napkin.

Photo Carrot napkin folding step 1

2. Fold corner on the orange napkin like on the photo.

Photo Carrot napkin folding step 2

3. Turn the napkins over. Fold corners inside.

Photo Carrot napkin folding step 3

4. Turn around and our carrot napkin folding done! We can use as a packet for green utensils or just place the carrot on a plate.

Photo Carrot napkin folding packet for fork



 This carrot napkin folding variation has more details and slightly more complicated but still fun and more resembles with a real carrot. We can serve as is or place plastic utensils inside.

  1. Fold green napkin as I show on the photo.

2. Roll up the green napkin. It will be green leaves for a carrot from napkins.

3. Fold the orange napkin in 2 and the corners fold inside. Place the green napkin fold into orange as on the photo.

4. Fold the orange napkin with green napkin inside.

5. Fold the orange napkin from both sides, so our 2 napkins look like a carrot.

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