How Do I Get Google To Translate A Page And Subdomain In Foreign Language?

       Did you ever want to read a foreign website because the content is so attractive and interesting? I do! Sometimes links from social media bring me to very interesting content but the cooking website in a foreign language, so I am going to share my personal experience and tips. I am bilingual, my native language is Russian and my second language is English. So, I have the ability to check the quality of the translation. I am going to share my experience base on what I learned. I did a lot of research and study and decide to share with users and cooking website owners a few tips.

1. How To Translate Website With Google On Computer

     This Google translation site so easy to use. I use it sometimes to translate foreign recipes or cooking articles, which catches my attention by photos. I can say the quality of translation is far away from perfect but it gives us clue what is an article about. Ingredients for recipes Google translates just very close to perfect.

Step 1

  1. Type in Google search (I use Chrome browser) ⇒ Google translate and go to website

Step 2

2. Website gives us the ability to translate the whole webpage.

Step 3

3. Choose desirable language and translate the page.

Page Before and After Translation English To Russian

On the photos, screenshots of my website page before translation and after. Of course, you can see the whole page translation on Google translate. Quality of translation, not perfect human translation you can tell right away. However, it does a pretty good job and I understand what this page about if I don’t know the language.

⇓ Page Before Translation ⇓

⇓ Page After Translation To Russian ⇓

Visit original page ⇒ How to Fold Paper Napkin Fancy Way

2. How To Translate Website With Google On Phone

         A great and very convenient way to use application Google translate on phone to translate. The application is free. I learned just recently from my friend about this great tool. He was working in Thailand and this application was so helpful because we can place the camera on the text and get a translated text. So great to read signs, direction, labels and much more. I am using google translate on my phone very often. It has other options to use, like translate handwriting, conversation or by voice but I use only camera option.

The application saves translation history on your phone, so be sure you clear the memory and save space on your phone. Go to application settings and on the bottom of the page the red button to clear translation history. I use Apple phone, on other phones may be different from my button location.


     1. Load application Translation App, choose languages you are going to use. I choose English and Russian. The photo you see the view on my Apple phone. Choose option camera.

Photo How to use translate Google App

2. On the middle of the screen, you see black rectangular with 2 words Align Text.

Photo How to use translate Google App Align

I going to show for example the simple phrase in 2 words. I use my mug but it can be anything, a magazine, a computer screen, book…

3. Focus camera on the word you want to translate and done!

Words on the mug translated English to Russian just perfect! However, translation is not always accurate because same words have different meaning and translator choose words what it likes. Just keep it in mind if something in translation doesn’t make sense.

For Website Owners

     If you are a website owner and would like to make your content user-friendly for visitors from other countries, I am going to share my experience. When I started my website I always want it available in Russian and of course, in other languages if it is possible. With some plugins (I used free one), we can make the translation button in many languages. I tried a few years ago one of the plugins and checked the quality of translation from English to Russian, I was so disappointed.
How did I implement my wish to have my website in Russian? I created a subdomain and had for 3 years but closed because don’t have time to work on the subdomain.

Subdomain For My Website In Russian

         I found the way after a lot of research and reading to create my website in the Russian language. I opened a subdomain. A subdomain was part of my main website in the Russian language. Open subdomain is so easy and free at Host Gator company I use, I can’t say about other hosting companies. I am not a computer geek and if I did you can do it too!                  Go to your hosting company CPanel and create it. You can fund so many directions on YouTube for different Hosting companies. Next step is same as you created the main domain. My photos from Host Gator hosting company screenshots.


         A subdomain is very convenient because it is like the separate website and you can work on it without messing up the main domain and delete if change your mind. Very convenient, you can change your subdomain language in ( subdomain ) website settings to another language. I am using the WordPress platform. Just go to general settings and choose a language. Save changes and you are done.

Tip How To Delete Subdomain

            I had 3 subdomains in the past but because didn’t have time to work on content and optimization, I deleted 2 subdomains with my friend recipes. I afraid it gives my website errors because some pages were indexed by Google and rated by some keywords already. I asked so many people and read a lot but about subdomains was too hard to fund info what I need. So I am sharing with you. I didn’t see any changes to concern in the statistic.

           Share in comments below your opinion please, if you have experience with subdomains and want to add something to what I said.


           Most videos on YouTube don’t tell you this detail, just super easy way just delete by pushing the button. When you are going to delete the subdomain remember to delete files from a file manager in CPanel on your hosting company profile. It is important because files take space, the same way like files on your computer. If you confuse and don’t know how to do, just call customer service and ask to help to delete files.

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