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Guide and Review Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set

          I was shopping for an avocado tool, avocado is different sizes at our stores and I was looking for a flexible tool for different sizes of fruits. I was surprised when saw Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set. It has avocado tool exactly what I needed but also other garnish tools what I can use in my kitchen as well. So, I bought it and very happy with my purchase.

       What is my first impression? Well made tools. Great gift to give to someone who is a chef or just like to cook! It comes with a nice box and very presentable. Wolfgang Puck garnish set comes with 12 tools in the individual plastic wrap each and in a cloth storage case closing with a zipper around. The set comes with a brochure about how to use each garnish tool direction in 4 pages. Nonstick twin curl cutter has 4 photos of how to use it step by step. What is important because this tool is confusing for some people how to use. For this tool is very important to have right angle or spirals will be not perfectly round shape. On the page you can find many examples of how I use these tools.

     Book Review Simply the Best Garnish Set Recipes by Marian Getz

Photo Simply The Best Garnish Set Recipes by Marian Getz

        I bought separately a book for this set calls Simply the Best Garnish Set Recipes by Marian Getz. The book is colorful and has good glossy pages total 111, very nice to give as a gift with this set. You can find in this book directions how to use each tool with photos, same as in brochure but with photo examples. Also in the book 107 recipes with nice photos for each recipe and recommendation how we can use these tools in each recipe.

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Box Booklet

        On the photo below on some garnish tools plastic is missing because when I received this set, I took the plastic off from interesting to me tools and throw away wrapping. When I decided to make my review, plastic gone. It is not really important because I bought for myself. However, I am going to mention and show on the photo. Plastic looks nice to have when we give as a gift for someone. A person opens the box, then bag then unwraps each tool and after going to learn about each tool.

                 Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set in Plastic

                   The case available in 7 colors and tools mutch the case. I choose the red one but Wolfgang Puck garnishing set is also available in blue, orange, yellow, green, black and turquoise. I really like quality how tools made and functionality of most. Also, I have my other garnish tools to compare to these tools how well it works.

                  * Wolfgang tools set named after Wolfgang Johannes Puck is famous in the World Austrian chef. Owner of many restaurants, catering services, author cookbooks.

Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Review

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Included

A – one tablespoon level scoop

B – corn zipper

C – crinkle chopper

D – vegetable curler

E – twin curl cutter (2 pieces tool)

F – wide blade peeler

G – fruit and vegetable scoop

H – santoku shears

I – small and large corers

J – eight blade slicer

G – Fruit and Vegetable Scoop Loop

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Vegetable Scoop Red

       The scoop loop tool is so handy to have in the kitchen. I was shopping actually for only this tool and end up with the whole Wolfgang set. I was shopping to use this loop scoop for avocado mostly. We have different sizes avocado and this scoop is flexible. The scoop loop works great for mango and kiwi as well.

         You can say, a spoon works great, why do I buy this scoop? I agree spoon works great. However, we can remove with a spoon so smooth and nice like with the scoop loop inside of fruits for garnish and it much faster. Another reason I like this tool, when we peel avocado to make garnish manually it comes out smooth but not perfectly green (on some fruits) and nice appealing. When I use scoop tool I leave some avocado on the skin, just a little and avocado is ready to make a garnish. Really the best avocado garnish tool! I tried on kiwi and it great to remove kiwi from skin too. Personally, I use mostly for avocado.

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Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Vegetable Scoop


Video How To Make Avocado Crab Garnish

 ⇓ I use scoop loop tool in this video, check it out ⇓

A – One Tablespoon Scoop Mold

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Ice Cream Scoop

         Scoops I have a few in my kitchen and can tell it is a very handy tool. Much better than just measuring spoon because we can easily release by push food content out. One a very useful purpose evenly portion scoops to make a cookie, dumplings, mini pancakes, meatballs, serve ice cream and much more.

B – Corn Zipper or Corn Peeler

Corn zipper Wolfgang tool design to remove kernels from raw or cooked corn. The tool has protective plastic cover. I tried on cooked corn, works great! Sharp and I like little more than my vertical corn peeler (I have another one) because of Wolfgang corn zipper blade little wider. If you need to use cooked corn for cooking or just easy serving, way to go!

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Corn Peeler

C – Crinkle or Wavy Knife

       I like this tool from Wolfgang set! Well made and nice handle. I have myself 2 crinkle knives but this one has a different angle of waves and I am going to use it in the future for sure. I use crinkle knives to make fancy potatoes cuts, vegetables for the vegetable platter, cut zucchini, carrots for cooking, chips in a wavy shape, garnish salads with pretty vegetables cut and much more. We can’t create waffles garnish with this crinkle knife.

Read how to make yourself crinkle tool ⇒ How to Make Handmade Garnish Tool

 ⇓ So cute wavy celery cuts to decorate any vegetable platter! ⇓

⇓ French fries or other dishes with wavy potato will be really nice. ⇓

⇓ I tried to cut avocado and it comes out nice ⇓

Photo Wolfgang Puck Garnishing Set Crinkle Chopper Avocado

⇓ Nice carrot shape to add to soup or other dishes ⇓

Photo How I Use Wolfgang Puck Crinkle Knife

We can make fun and easy garnishes from carrot. Just take a look ⇒ 7 Easy Carrot Garnish Ideas

D – Wide Vegetable Peeler

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Ice Cream Scoop Peeler

            I like this vegetable peeler because it is the wide compared to my other peelers. I like the fact it is not heavy. Personally, for me, weight is important for peelers. Because I bought one very nicely made peeler but it so heavy and after I peeled a few potatoes, I never use it again because hard on hands, maybe it is just me. I have a few peelers in my kitchen and mostly use them for potatoes and carrots.

E – Vegetable or Fruit Curler Tool

Photo Gin Tonic Cucumber garnish

       Tween curl handle has 2 garnish has 2 parts. The handle is attachable. When we make curls it helps to rotate the tool and when we ready to remove the tool we need the handle again for taking out the spiral by moving vegetable or fruit counterclockwise direction. As a garnishing tool to decorate vegetable platters, salads, beverages and much more. On the photo above I use cucumber curls to garnish beverage. Read more → 7 Easy Ideas How To Cut Cucumber For Cocktail

       The vegetable curler is great to use for stuffing potatoes or other stuffed vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers and more.

Photo Russian Stuffed Potatoes Recipe

Check easy recipe ⇒ Russian Meat Stuffed Potato Recipe

F – Vegetable Curler

Photo Carrot curler Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set

         This vegetable curler works very well for carrots. Carrot is a very attractive vegetable for garnish but it so solid and some curlers not work well for carrots. I have some curlers, they not work for carrot because carrot ribbon comes out not thin and pretty. I have very detailed video and page how to use a vegetable curler ⇒ How to Use NorPro Carrot Curler To Make Flowers

The Wolfgang vegetable curler has a crinkle knife on the side. So we can create a more interesting flower with different petals. As you can see in the photos below.

  1. You can make an interesting design for the petals with crinkle knife on the side for more interesting appearance our carrot flower. Or just skip this step and use the carrot as is and it will be a different flower but pretty as well.

2. Use the vegetable curler as a pencil sharpener and roll back the carrot ribbon into the shape of a flower.

 The flower made from combination parsnip and carrot. Only our fantasy is limit to make different flowers with this great tool! Super easy and always impressive result!

Photo how to make curls with carrot curler

H – Santoku Shears

     Shears is a very useful tool in my kitchen. I have a few kitchen scissors for different purposes but I never had a knife and shears in one. This one if we detached by turning one blade from other, one became Santoku knife. I think it makes easy to sharpen blades because we can sharpen it as two knives. Easy to clean and dry. Most important we can easy to sanitize our shears after use with meat. I have other shears but I use much more this most the time now. However, I tried to use as a knife part of this shears and I don’t like to use as a knife because of handle shape. But it is maybe just me.

     I keep practicing with this tool almost every day but not for every use have time to make a photo. I cut salmon with skin and scales – perfect!

* I saw online similar santoku shears. It cost itself over $10.

I like to use this shears when preparing chicken wings for example. This gadget works very well for this task. I like to say better than any shears I had in the past. How to cut chicken wings with scissors I learned a long time ago, much easier for me than cut with a knife.

I used this shears when cut a soda can to make this fun Halloween vegetable platter.

Photo Carrot Garnish Ideas for Halloween


Video How To Make Disposable Icing Tip

Maybe not good use for this shears but I did and you can see in the video it worked just great. I don’t feel like shears changed performance in any way.

⇓ I Used Santoki Shears In This Video To Cut Soda Can ⇓

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I – Two Corers

      In Wolfgang garnish toolset we have 2 corers with protective plastic cover. One is 3/4 inch (2 cm) in diameter and larger is 1 4/10 inch (3 1/2 cm). I like the quality of these tools. I used the large for bell peppers and didn’t use yet smaller one.

      The corers designed to keep small inside the larger one and has a protective plastic cover to keep them together.

Dessed Bell Peppers For Stuffing

I use my large corer every time I cook my bell pepper now, especially for stuffing. Because very convenient and easy to deseed it before cooking or serving. I don’t have to cut off the top to remove seeds. Very important to rotate corer when cutting the stem and stem with seeds comes out good. If we just push it in, the stem falls inside. My peppers look so good for stuffing now.

Photo Wolfgang garnish toolset corer

Photo Dessert garnished with melon ballerRecommended ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

Dessed Bell Peppers For Halloween Garnish Idea

     These corers I used to deseed bell peppers for my Halloween project from bell peppers. It works very well because we can make without any effort nice and even circles on the top our peppers.

Read more about corers uses ⇒ Uses of Vegetable Corer in My Kitchen

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J- Eight Blade Slicer

    Eight blade slicer is new to my kitchen tool. We can use it for garnish food to make even and very nice slices. I used my eight blade slicer to make this parrot from avocado. Fun and easy garnish idea for a margarita cocktail or avocado smoothie. I cut the top and the bottom of the bird what I call a parrot.

Photo Eight blade slicer use

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Flower Garnish from Papaya PhotoRecommended ⇒ How to Make Easy Channel Knife – Garnish Tool

Photo Sharing is caring, reminder

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