Russian Imitation Crab Meat With Cheese Appetizer

Photo Crab Meat Imitation Appetizer with Cheese and Garlic 1

        This is an old imitation crab meat recipe I brought from Russia a long time ago. I tried this appetizer at my friend’s house. Some people can be so creative. I never thought the crab imitation stick can be unrolled. My friend told me to put in boil water for a few second crab sticks, to make unrolling easy. I tried one time and really feel it not necessary at all. However, I am going to mention if you have difficulties to unroll it She served it without cucumber. I like her recipe and make it sometimes for family and friends, just add for freshness cucumber. It is a simple recipe and quick to prepare. This recipe handy when I ask myself what can I do with imitation crab meat. So easy to make! We can serve appetizer as crab imitation rolls and can stuff cucumber with rolls. Check on the bottom of the page how to make a garnish for the dish idea.

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Photo Ingreadients Imitation Crab Meat Appetizer

7 crab meat imitation sticks

7 oz (200g) mozzarella cheese

2 tablespoon mayonnaise

1 clove of garlic

1 cucumber

Salt and black pepper to taste

*Dill or parsley for garnish

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Cooking Direction

  1. Find where roll starts and gently unroll crab meat stick.

*If you can unroll crab meat imitation stick easy, put it in boiling water for a few seconds.

Photo Imitation Crab Meat Appetizer Roll

Photo Crab Meat Appetizer Unroll Sticks

2. Spread cheese on the small spreader.

Photo Crab Meat Appetizer Shread Cheese

3. Add to cheese mayonnaise, smashed garlic, salt (if need it) and pepper. Mix well.

Photo Crab Meat Appetizer Mixing Cheese and Garlic

4. Spread a very thin layer of cheese mixture on the crab imitation sheet and add one or 2 cucumber pieces. Make a roll.

Photo Crab Meat Appetizer Mixing Cheese Spreading

5. Cut in half and ready to serve. Garnish with cucumber, lemon, and greens like dill and parsley.

Photo Imitation Crab Meat Appetizer Roll

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Photo Crab Meat Imitation Appetizer with Cheese

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How to Garnish Imitation Crab Meat Appetizer

Photo Garnish imitation crab meat appetizer

        The best decor for this dish, in my opinion, garnished with lemon or cucumber. I make the flower from cucumber and add a border of lemon wedges around the dish. Of course, greens really great addition too. You can find much more on my website options for cucumber and lemon garnish ideas.

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Stuffed Cucumber With Imitation Crab Meat Rolls

Photo Stuffed Cucumber With Imitation Crab Plate

       To hollow cucumber, we need a 1-inch corer. I use this kitchen tool very often for stuffing and have other corers as well. Each I use for different purposes. This is a very useful tool in my kitchen. Check out more ideas to use vegetable corers, the link below.

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How To Make Stuffed Cucumber With Imitation Crab Meat

  1. Cut cucumber into 2-inch logs.
  2. Hollow cucumbers with 1-inch corer.
  3. Unroll imitation crab sticks and cut lengthwise into half.
  4. Spread stuffing in the half of imitation crab sheet and roll.
  5. Stuff cucumber with the roll and even both sides by cut with a knife. If the roll is too big than 1 inch, squeeze it.
  6. Cut stuffed cucumber on half and serve.

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