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Fancy Plating Food With Cooking Powders Technique: Cinnamon, Cocoa, Sugar Powder

Photo Plating Food Ideas With Cinnamon

       Garnishing plates with powders is so an easy platting food idea! Almost no time and can make a design on a plate in advance, just cover it with plastic wrap and be sure plastic doesn’t touch the design. Maybe with some plates, it is impossible, so make a dome from a foil and cover plate. I left my plates for a test covered with food plastic for a week and the design is still perfect like the day when I create it. Of course, nobody is going to make a decorated plate so far in advance, I just mention what I did. When we are ready for plating food just remove the plastic wrap and add a dessert or other dishes. If you use spices for plate styling in advance, we need not only cover plates but keep them in a dark place as well to preserve the aroma.

      We can garnish desserts or even some savory appetizers with cooking powders. I bought from a craft store detailed stencil and didn’t expect my design to look so good. After I tried it, I was surprised by how pretty my design was. If we choose a good stencil and decorate plates, it will be definitely a conversation piece for your party. I am going to share my experience of how I decorated the plate with stencil and foil.

     Decorations Plates Ideas 

Photo Decorating platter with cocoa powder

Christmas example, pepper example to garnish with cayenne or chili pepper, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, flowers, hearts, abstract designs, kids cartoons for a kid’s party, interactive learning for kids (letters), or just classy beautiful ornament as a touch! The monogram for family event plates, or just saying “Good Morning!”, “I Love You!”, “Sweet”, “Made with Love!”… My favorite one is just doily. Oh, so many ideas for a custom one!

What To Pay Attention To

       The technique is so easy but some practice is needed to get a feel for how to work with different powders and different stencils (shapes). A very important even layer of powder, especially with detailed stencils. The powder needs to be completely dry.

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1. Plating Food Ideas With Cinnamon Powder And Stencil

       I show how to use this plating technique with cinnamon powder but it can be any other powders as well. The technique is very useful if your stencil design has an unusual shape or plate is much bigger than your stencil. I am using foil to cover plate and unwanted design. It is the way how we can use any stencil for plating food garnish.

The best way to keep stencils in a notebook or magazin, so they not deform.

We need

  1. Cooking foil (to cover plate)
  2. Cooking brush (to brush excess of powder)


  1. I place the stencil on the square of foil.

2. I folded the side of the foil over the stencil. I left 1 inch of foil on the stencil and fold foil back.

3. Now I repeat with all 3 sides. So my stencil can stay secure in foil when I am going to use it.

4. I turn stencil with foil over. Smooth foil and the design appears, so I easily can tell what part of the stencil I need to open.

5. Next step we are going to open a desirable part of the design. Make a small hole on a foil with a knife and it helps to start to remove the foil.

6. I use a tea strainer to spread cinnamon on the plate. I try to press the stencil as close as possible to the plate and sprinkle cinnamon in even layer.

7. I remove the stencil very gently, try to keep it vertically and don’t move to right or left. This way extra powder will not fail on the design. I remove excess of powder around the design with a brush.

Tip. For small template or you need a certain area the design, I used a cookie cutter and shake inside cutter my powder. In this case, the best works for me a tea infuser in the shape of a spoon.

Photo DYI Cake Rose Nail From Foil

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Video Plating Food Ideas With Stencils I Used Ceylon Cinnamon

Photo Bananas Jokes

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Stencils or Other Shapes

⇓ Here are just a few examples, what I used for food plating. If we look around in the kitchen we can find many shapes! ⇓

  1. Stencils
  2. Cookie cutters
  3. Small plastic containers or other shapes
  4. Make stencils from paper
  5. Plastic lid from food jar

Photo Heart design on toasted bread

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7 Powders Options For Plating Food

Garnishing Plate with Cookies Powder 

Photo Garnish plate with cookie crumbs powder

  1. Convection (powder) sugar
  2. Cocoa
  3. Coffee
  4. Cayenne pepper
  5. Chili pepper
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Powder made from cookie

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Powders Shakers Options

  1. Strainer with very fine mesh
  2. Shaker made from Maison jar with a fine mesh
  3. Tea Infuser
  4. Coffee filter with mesh

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More Options To Make Designs With Powders For Food Plating

To make nice design not necessary to have stencils, just look around in your kitchen. I going to make a list of what I used to make designs.

  1. Paper to make simple stencils.
  2. Plastic containers lids, it works great for round shapes and it is easy to pick up from a plate.
  3. Cookie cutters.
  4. Wilton lily nail set I like so much because of perfect size for plates and so easy to remove from a plate.
  5. I use paper punches to create a stencil for delicate snowflakes. However, keep in mind they designed for paper, I just had already and tried it (some of my punches didn’t punch the film).

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Decorated carrot cake with sugar powder. Sugar powder looks great on plates with darker colors. I used half of a paper doily and tea diffuser for powder.

How to Garnish Carrot Cake

Photo Carrot Cake with Almond Flour Garnished

Check the recipe → Carrot Cake with Almond Flour

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Handmade Plastic Stencils Making With Electric Cutter

      We can make stencil yourself. We can make plastic stencils with the electric cutter. It is so relaxing process and if you are the artistic person it can take you to a new passion! I tried but not a big fan for detailing the design. I found many tips and technique on YouTube on how to make stencils yourself but be honest, after I made a snowflake, I quit and stick to store ones. It is not what I like to do for fun. However, I am sharing my experience, so it may help you to make the decision to try or don’t try to make yourself a custom stencil.

     I didn’t find a good stencil blank at our craft stores. So used very thin blanks from a roll to get a feel, I like or not. However, I found later a very good price and good quality stencil blanks under $3.00 at our local Walmart at the craft department.


Please, read safety requirements comes with the tools before use knife and electric cutter! It is really important, especially with an electric stencil cutter.

What you need to make stencil:

  1. Stencil film
  2. Knife
  3. Electric stencil cutter (optional)
  4. Glass or marble surface to place film
  5. Scissors
  6. Foil to protect your table (optional)
  7. Pencil
  8. Black marker
  9. Paper
  10. Oven mitt

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  1. Choose at first simple designs to practice.
  2. Lay flat film before use, if you buy it in a roll.
  3. When drawing design, remember to leave some connections on design in a large opening area or will be not easy to pick a stencil from a plate.
  4. I use my oven mitt to hold foil to clean the tip of the tool (it is very hot!).

Handmade Stencils Photo

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