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3 Easy And Fun Kiwi Garnish Ideas With Photos And Video

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus

       So many cute and easy kiwi garnishes we can make from this delicious fruit. Kiwi is green and always compliments other fruits and berries because has a green color. One of my favorite ways to use kiwi as a garnish is a border around the strawberry rose. I cut kiwi into slices and place them around the strawberry flower. Looks so cute! I decorated ice cream, cottage cheese for breakfast, yogurt, and more. Another way so cute to cut kiwi wedges is by using a crinkle (wavy) knife. In the photos below I garnished with kiwi wedges rose from strawberry and rose from peach.

Strawberry flower garnish photo

Photo Peach flower garnish Idea

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1. Cactus Kiwi Garnish Idea

Photo How to make kiwi cactus garnish

      This adorable idea to make kiwi garnish in the shape of cactus I saw online and love this idea! The original idea has the needles made out of chocolate sprinkles for cake. I made one and it is a cute and sweet idea but time-consuming and we have to have the sprinkles. I come out with another idea to make needles for the kiwi garnish. This way we don’t need much time and effort.

      The kiwi cactus so easy to make and very cute on food for kids, garnish desserts for Mexican themed party food or on a margarita glass.

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On the photo, I made the top flower out of the strawberry peel, needles are chocolate sprinkles for cake and on the bottom, I sprinkle slightly with a cookie crumbles to imitate sand.

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We Need



Cutting board


Substitute for straw can be a lid from a can or just use a knife to cut out needles for cactus.

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  1. Peel kiwi. Cut off the bottom for stability.

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus step 1

2. Make a small cavity for a flower on the top of kiwi.

*We need to make cavity before making needles because will be not easy handle kiwi with design on sides.

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus step 2

3. Narrow down the straw. When we make on a kiwi cactus needles, they are will be narrow.

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus step 5

4. Make needles in any order you like.

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus step 6

5. Peel a peach skin into the small ribbon.

I used peach peel to make my flower but the flower on the top can be made from so many fruits and berries. We can make flower from a strawberry peel as a photo on the top of the page. Apricot peel can be great to make orange color flower. We can make a flower from blueberry or raspberry too.

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus step 3

6. Roll the peach ribbon and the simple flower is ready. Place the kiwi on dessert and flower on the top.

Photo Kiwi garnish cactus step 4

The cactus out of kiwi is a great fun garnish for kids or Mexican party theme food idea. We can garnish kiwi Margarita too.

Photo How to make kiwi cactus garnish

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2. Bunny Kiwi Garnish Idea

Photo Pineapple platter with rabbit from kiwi

      This kiwi garnish is so cute! Look so realistic because kiwi fruit has a texture like a bunny fur. This kiwi garnish is super easy to make. In my opinion, we don’t need many details on the kiwi bunny because resembles so clear with a real bunny without. The kiwi bunny can be a great decor on fruit platter for Easter or for a kids party. Direction with step by step photos → Fruit Garnish in Shape Of Bunny For Kids Party

The bunny I can say not edible because needs to be peel and more than possible will be left not touched on the fruit platter after event. We don’t throw away the kiwi, just peel it, cut and freeze it. We can use in a smoothie or make other desserts.


Video Bunny From Kiwi Garnish Idea

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3. Butterfly From Kiwi Garnish Idea

       The kiwi butterfly garnish is so impressive to garnish summer cocktails or fruit platters! So easy to make and so cute.

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4. How To Cut Kiwi Into Shapes

Photo Garnish Mango with Mango Flower and Butterfly from Kiwi

       The most common way how to cut kiwi into shapes is to use cookie cutters. Easy and always perfect. So pretty flowers and butterflies from kiwi! I slice the kiwi lengthwise and cut out with a cookie cutter the butterfly on the photo above. The pretty pattern of kiwi compliments and make more interesting the butterfly as you can see.

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       Kiwi slices are just perfect for the mushroom garnish for kids desserts! So cute!

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       Photo Strawberry Mushrooms Made with Corer

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