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9 Fun And Easy Avocado Garnish Ideas

Photo Avocado heart garnish

          Avocado garnishes are so pretty and attractive as you can see in the photos. Avocado is one of my favorite fruit-vegetable. I like to search online for inspiration and when I see a new avocado garnish idea I don’t have to wait long to try it because I always have avocado on hand. Take a look at a few ideas and I am sure, you can find an interesting avocado garnish idea to use to impress your kids and friends.

*In the photo above cute heart avocado garnish.

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  1. How To Make A Heart Out Of Avocado Garnish
  2. Fanning An Avocado
  3. How To Wrap In Avocado Slices Salad, Spread Or Other Food
  4. Fun Crab Avocado Garnish (Video)
  5. Cute Alligator Avocado Boat Garnish
  6. Bunny Out Of Avocado (Easy)
  7. Avocado Boat Idea
  8. Fancy Avocado Toast Idea
  9. Avocado Bird Garnish For A Glass Idea

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The Best Tool to Remove Avocado Skin Very Smooth For Garnish

        When we garnish food with avocado, we want to look our garnish as pretty as possible. Avocado is a very soft fruit and making garnish can be very tricky. Sometimes we have darkness from the skin left on the avocado when we peel an avocado. We can scribe off with a spoon, but a perfectly smooth surface is not perfect anymore for presentation. The solution is a simple scoop loop garnish tool! A really, cool tool to use for avocado and a time saver! Flexible for different sizes of avocado. I bought the set but you can find it sold separately. The tool is called the fruit and vegetable scoop loop, avocado, and mango tool. I use this tool in the crab avocado garnish video below.

Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Vegetable Scoop Red

How to Prevent Avocado Browning

          An avocado fruit turns brown after we cut it. To use for garnish we need little time before a serve, the best way to delay discoloration sprinkle with lime on lemon juice. I tried a very popular method to leave the pit in avocado half and place in plastic in the refrigerator. Nothing worked for me well more than lemon juice or lime juice but for a really short time.

You maybe have a better suggestion to keep the avocado from darkening. Please, share in comments below. 

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1. How To Make Heart Valentine’s Day Avocado Garnish

         A great option to serve omelet, avocado salad, avocado toast, or other food romantic way in avocado heart! We can make it so easy, just remember to sprinkle with lemon or lime juice to keep the avocado heart from browning and serve as soon as possible. Like almost every avocado garnish, the best way to serve immediately.

Technique 1

  1. Cut peeled avocado into thin slices on cutting board. Sprinkle with lemon or lime juice. Transfer to plate with a wide knife.

2.  Transfer to plate with a wide knife. Place hands around the slices and shape gently the heart.

3. Place hands around the slices and shape gently the avocado heart. Clean around the avocado heart with a wet paper towel for the best presentation.

I served the avocado heart with mozzarella cheese and tomato inside. Great idea to serve a romantic breakfast with egg poached egg inside! Options to serve food inside an avocado heart are endless!

Photo Avocado heart garnish

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2. How To Fan An Avocado Step-By-Step

Photo How to fan an avocado

          I start my list of avocado garnishes from fanning an avocado. This technique I learned from one chef online and going to share with you. Avacado so soft fruit and not always easy to make pretty garnish. Avocado fan one the best-appearing garnish on salads, in my opinion. Super simple avocado garnish and always looks great on a plate.

Technique 2

  1. Cut avocado into the half. Peel it or use for a better result the tool. This tool really makes life easy when you garnish with avocado.

*Remember to sprinkle with lemon or lime juice to prevent discoloration.

Photo How to fan an avocado step 1

2.  Make cuts on avocado lengthwise, make sure each slice is still attached to the base.

Photo How to fan an avocado 3 step

3.  Spread the avocado half very gently by applying little pressure with the flat side of the knife.

Photo How to fan an avocado step 3

4. Use a wide side of the knife to transfer an avocado fan to the dish.

Photo How to fan an avocado step 4

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3. How To Wrap In Avocado Slices Food For Fancy Presentation

           We can wrap food in sliced avocado with an easy technique and use it for everyday or fancy avocado presentation. This method I learned from sushi chefs. We can serve in the shape of a ball or make other shapes as well. The possibilities for creativity are endless! To make my festive Christmas tree (see the photo above) I gently place wrapped avocado into a funnel to make a cone shape. I served cream cheese with everything bagel wrapped in avocado for breakfast. In the photo below I make an avocado heart shape but the avocado needs to be soft enough.

        This great technique gives us more possibility to serve avocados in different shapes and makes it easy to wrap food in an avocado fancy way.


  1. I removed the avocado from the skin with the tool. However, you can peel gently, and will be almost the same result.

2. Slice the avocado.

3. Place upside-down slices on the square of plastic wrap. Spread slices. Place any food on the top you like to wrap in avocado slices.

*I sprinkle with all bagel spices and a scoop of cream cheese.

4. Take each corner of plastic wrap and place together. By twisting the wrapping we tight the plastic wrap around the avocado. Open the wrap and place the wrapped cream cheese on the plate with avocado slices up.

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         In the photo below, I served a tuna salad wrapped in avocado slices. Wrapped with the same technique.

Photo Avocado Salad Garnish

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4. Fun And Cute Crab Avocado Garnish For Kids

Photo Crab Cute Avocado Garnish

         The crab made out of avocado is a fun way to serve avocado for kids. No time to make and so cute! Eyes for avocado crab we can make from olives, and raisins, or just make cutouts with straw out of other food. Check out the idea!

Technique 3

  1. Cut avocado into halves. Sprinkle with lemon or lime juice. Remove or peel skin.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 1

2.  Cut one half into 8 slices.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 2

3. From 2 make claws from 2 slices.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 3

4. Place crab’s 6 legs on the plate or dish what you decorate.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 4

5. Place the crab’s body on the legs.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 5

5. Attache 2 claws under the crab’s body and the eyes from olives.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 6

6. I made the crab’s mouth with a knife but you can make it also with a spoon and it will be a smiley face. See the photo avocado toast with cute crab below.

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 7

Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and our cute crab is ready!

Photo Crab avocado garnish step 8

Fun Avocado Toast With A Cute Crab Topping

The crab mouth I made with a spoon on this crab and it is smiling.


Video Fun Cute Crab Avocado Garnish

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5. Cute Alligator Avocado Boat Garnish Idea

         The best way to serve the alligator boat garnish is of course guacamole with chips but for the photo I use, avocado with cream cheese. It is so cute! In the top photo, for my alligator eyes, I used green olives stuffed with pimento. Another option to make eyes for this cutie is black olives. My favorite is green olives.

Technique 5

  1. Cut the avocado with a sharp knife into halves with zig-zag cuts.

2.  Fill the avocado boats with guacamole or other filling and place slices olives for eyes.

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6. How To Make Bunny From Avocado

Photo Avocado bunny garnish

Super easy to make and cute bunny from avocado! So simple and really cute! One inconvenience avocado bunny needs to be served as soon as possible.

Technique 8

I have the whole page dedicated to technique how to make simple bunny garnish, check out the technique ⇒ Fun Food Garnish Bunny from Fruits

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7. Easy Avocado Boats Garnish – Cut Outs

Photo Avocado garnish ideas cutouts flowers

      Super easy avocado garnish cutouts with cookie cutters and so cute addition to avocado dishes. I garnished avocado mozzarella salad with flowers from avocado and mozzarella. It changes the appearance of the avocado salad in boats so much.

Check out the cookie cutters I use to garnish the salad ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

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8. Fancy Avocado Flower Toast Idea

        In some cases, avocado slices not flexible enough to swivel the center so pretty. The solution to make a pretty rose from avocado is creating the rose around a cherry tomato. It really makes one the best avocado toast toppings! On the photo, I served slices baked chicken with avocado and cream cheese mix.

Photo Fancy Avocado Toast

Chicken Avocado Toast With Fancy Rose Topping

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9. Avocado Garnish In Shape of Bird

Photo Garnish Margarita Parrot From Avocado

      This avocado garnish bird is so easy to make and so cute on a glass. We can garnish with this cute bird avocado margarita or avocado smoothie, for example. We need not mushy avocado if it firm enough to stay on glass we can make this bird. The bird beak I made from a small triangle from avocado skin. Make a small cut and place it in. The eyes made with the tip of a knife. I made cuts on the bottom and the top of the avocado slice looks like a feather. The cuts are perfect on my bird because I use a tool called eight blade slicer. However, it is absolutely not necessary to use we can use a paring knife. I just describe how I have done it.

        Read more about margarita garnish ideas → 5 Fun Margarita Garnish Techniques With Photos

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         Baked avocado can be an interesting and healthy breakfast idea for our loved ones. In the photo, I served avocado with Melba toast. Melba toast is super thin toast. Read more how to make it ⇒  Origin of Melba Toast and Peach Melba Dessert

Photo Melba Toast for Breakfast

Very cute way to make the rose from avocado and serve it on avocado rose toast.

      If you search online for avocado art, so many beautiful creations can be found! Some creations have so many details, so it probably took a person a few hours or even longer to make it and of course, talent. The most impressive avocado artwork I saw on YouTube was from Italian Vincenzo Scuruchi self-taught artist. His “Owl Food Art” is so detailed and impressive work. My website is for easy food decor and if I make it, you can easily make the same.

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    Mary says:

    Hi Gala
    I found the lemon and lime juice method did not work either. And several remedies online didn’t work for me. My method of preventing as much darkening as possible (which wouldn’t work for this garnish) is to put each cut piece asap into a dressing that covers the entire piece. I put this into an airtight plastic container and store in the refrigerator (sometime in the freezer). I think the secret is preventing as mlittle air on the surface as possible. Lemon and lime juice may work if the avocado is submerged like a pickle. Haven’t tried that yet.

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      Mary, lime and lemon slow down the darkening but not preventing it. I didn’t try to keep avocado pieces in dressing, need to try. Great idea to keep leftovers of avocado for salad, thank you for sharing! I mixed avocado with cream cheese and avocado not darkening. I didn’t try to keep the spread in the refrigerator but when was taking photos avocado sandwiches, it stays so long pretty green. Need to do more reading and learning about avocado!


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