How To Make 5 Animal Shapes Out Of Cantaloupe

Cat Out Of Cantaloupe Photo

       How to make easy out of cantaloupe fun garnish for kids? Serve cantaloupe in the shape of cute animals! This is the way how to make kids eat more fruits! I promise any of these designs can be easily made by anybody without any artistic skills. The designs adds fun to your summer party table and definitely build great memories. You make your party special with these easy ways to serve cantaloupe to your kids. I promise any of these designs can be easily made by anybody without any artistic skills, just look at the photos!

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  1. How to make a cat out of a cantaloupe.
  2. How to make a turtle face out of cantaloupe slice.
  3.  How to make a dinosaur face out of cantaloupe slice.
  4. How to make crocodile or alligator face out of cantaloupe slice.
  5. How to make a bunny out of the whole cantaloupe.

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1. How To Serve Cantaloupe In The Shape of Cat

Cat Out Of Cantaloupe Photo

        To serve cantaloupe in the shape of a cat is so cute to serve fruits for kids! Of course, if you serve melon for kids better use a spoon for serving instead of wooden picks, for safety reasons. Some creators use picks to hold the parts of the face but I don’t suggest it. The ears and eyes stay perfectly in place. We can make different animals, just to change ears shapes. I show how to make the cat shape technique but we can make a bear or rabbit too. I made them out of orange animals-shaped cups and you can check the techniques here ⇒ 13 Fun And Easy Food Decor Ideas For Kids  

      Very important to use not soluble markers. I used a food marker and it was ok when it was staying in the refrigerator. But after room temperature when I took it out an hour or so, it started bleeding, and the looks became not presentable anymore. Check out and try this fun easy creative activity for your kids!

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We Need

1 cantaloupe

2 knives

Spoon to clean seeds, I used an ice cream scooper with sharp edges

Melon baller

2 Blueberries


Technique 1

  1. Cut the top of the cantaloupe off, so we have a circle. It will be the head of the cat. Cut the cantaloupe in half.

Photo Cantaloupe in the shape of cat

2. The bottom I slightly cut, so the cantaloupe has stability when I place it on a platter.

Photo cantaloupe cat

3. Scoop out seeds.

*I like to use an OXO ice cream scooper, but a large spoon works great for this task. Learn more about the useful tool ⇒ 5 OXO Lever Ice Cream Scoop Uses In My Kitchen

4. Make balls using a melon baller.

Learn more about mellon baller  ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 15 Ideas With Photos

5. Smooth out inside the melon’s ball. Make a cut on the top of the ball to place the head of our cat.

6. Cut out ears from the top of the cantaloupe.

Photo ears out of cantaloupe

7. Make cuts for ears with a pairing knife. Insert ears in the cuts.

Photo cat out of melon

8. Make 2 cavities with a pairing knife for blueberries, it will be eyes for the cat. Drove whiskers with a marker or pencil or crayon. We can keep a simple design by creating only the cat’s head and it will be cute as you can see in the photo above. But we also can add paws and a tail for more fun apperance.

Use not soluble marker.

Photo cat paws melon

Fun and cute way to serve cantaloupe for kids!

Photo melon cat

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2. How To Make Out Of Cantaloupe Turtle Face


        One day I was cutting my cantaloupe and come out with 3 fun garnish ideas. All designs are so easy to make and great food art project for kids. The simples one is turtle face. I call it a turtle face out of cantaloupe because it looks to me as a turtle face. Great idea to add cantaloupe to fruits cups, fruit kebabs, or fruit salad serve individually as a fun garnish. In the photo above I serve watermelon balls in mason jars garnished with turtle heads out of a cantaloupe. Check out and it will be the next fun project for the kid’s party.

*The photos with a grass background my fist tries to make these garnishes.

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We Need

1 cantaloupe

1 knife

Straw to make eyes

Technique 2

  1. Cut the top of the cantaloupe off. Cut the cantaloupe into 8 pieces as in the photo. Each piece for the turtle head needs to be wide enough to add 2 eyes. My pieces are 3 inches long.

2. I cut the mouth with a knife and make eyes with a straw.

To make eyes with straw we can make empty or leave as is, it is up to you. Of course, you can be more artistic and creative to make the head with more details or make eyes different ways. I like to keep the garnish easy.

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3. How To Make Out Of Cantaloupe Dinosaur Face

Dinosaur out of melon Photo

        This cantaloupe garnish I made is slightly different than a turtle. The slices I cut exactly like for turtle’s heads. Then just in two steps, my slice of cantaloupe looks like a dinosaur head. Cute decor for a sweet table at a dinosaur party!

Technique 3

  1. I round up the back of the head.

2. The eyes I make with a straw on the sides.

Easy and fun garnish for fruit desserts!

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4. How To Make Out Of Cantaloupe Crocodile Face

I call this cantaloupe garnish crocodile or alligator face garnish. Just a few steps and a cute face is ready! I cut slices 4 inches long because the crocodile better look on the longer slice. This garnish can be served not only with fruits, but we can also serve a fun way prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe appetizer as well. For example, the Louisiana party idea. Just remove the skin from the slice.

Technique 4

  1. Cut the top of the cantaloupe slice horizontally as in the photo. Leave the top attached 1/2 inch long.

2. Cut off the top vertically. It is will be eyes for the alligator.

3. Make a triangle cut and make eyes with a straw.

4. Cut the mouth and the alligator is ready.

Another savory alligator garnish idea, to make it out of a pickle. Great to attach with a wooden pick on the top of a sandwich or hamburger. Take a look at the example chicken sandwich decorated with alligator made out of a pickle ⇒ Moist Pan Fried Chicken Breast In Parchment Paper

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5. How To Make Cantaloupe In The Shape Of A Bunny

    Photo Bunny from Melon

     This super simple cantaloupe in the shape of the bunny is so cute! We need just a few minutes to make it. We can freeze the edible part of melon and make a melon smoothie in the future, so no wasting of fruit. So simple and impressive food platter decor. A great decor on the dessert table! The bunny shape out of honeydew melon is so cute too as you can see in the photo below.

    Photo Bunny from Melon

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I Used Tools To Make Rabbit

1 cantaloupe


Cutting board

Technique 5

  1. Choose a less attractive side to make the bottom of the bunny. Cut off the bottom of the cantaloupe.

2. Cut out from the bottom triangle and ears are ready.

Photo Melon bunny step 2

3. Make the cut on the top of the cantaloupe. It is the place to insert bunny’s ears.

Bunny out of cantaloupe is ready!

Photo Bunny out of cantaloupe

This animal shape on the photo below is can be a cat or other animal as well! I just add ears and the cat out of melon is ready to serve!

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Photo Rabbit from Melon Summer Garnish

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