13 Easy Vegetable Garnish Ideas

Photo Avocado heart garnish

           I like to make simple food decorations from vegetables for a perfect finish for the party table! I am going to share with you a few simple vegetable garnishes with many photos and videos. For every technique I include photos and some have videos as well. I like easy vegetable garnishes because it doesn’t take much time to make them. Every vegetable garnish idea on my website is for everyone and you don’t need any talent to make the same vegetable decor for your party. To make some designs I learned tricks and I am gladly going to share them with you. I learned many times from my experience. I saw how to make fancy vegetable garnishes in photos or even videos but when I start making them myself, it is not working! For example, some carrot garnishes are impossible to make without soaking a carrot in salty water. Simple and easy to make carrots more flexible. I am inviting you to check my collection on how to garnish vegetables.

1. Celery Food Decoration Ideas

Photo How to use Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

      Celery garnishes so fun to make, especially this pretty flower! I use the bottom part what we don’t use for cooking but it is very pretty vegetable decor for any festive table. We can garnish with celery flower vegetable appetizers, finger food and much more. On the photo, I decorated celery boats with cream cheese and shapes from carrot.

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2. Carrot Food Decoration

PhotoHow to make cute garnish flower from carrot

        Carrot one of brightest vegetable and I love to decorate with carrot dishes! You can find so many garnishes from a carrot on my website. These beautiful food decorations great for special events or brighten up a casual meal. Some garnishes needs tool, some don’t but all simple to make with outstanding result. I have an ideas for soup garnishes, for Halloween table, salads and other dishes.

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3. Pepper Food Decoration

Photo Garnish vegetable tray pepper decor

 Flowers from peppers are gorgeous! I tried to make flowers from bell peppers, chili, habanero and you can see photos how beautiful they are. Really great way to brighten up your party table!

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4. Tomato Food Decoration

Photo Rose from tomato on vegetable platter

 Tomato is a great garnish for vegetable platters and adds a nice touch to Holiday meals. Tomato flowers are a classic garnish and very common on buffet tables.

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5. Flowers From Chinese Cabbage Napa Food Decor Ideas

Photo From Chinese Cabbage Napa

Chinese cabbage is great decor to make flowers for buffet tables or large vegetable platters. To make flowers out of cabbage we use the bottom of the vegetable. This part of cabbage we don’t use usually for cooking, so this is a great use to make a garnish.

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6. Cucumber Food Decoration Ideas

Photo Pretty garnish flower from cucumber

Most popular garnish page on my website because cucumber is so popular vegetable to decorate dishes. Flowers, Christmas trees and much more you can find on this page ⇒ 13 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas With Many Photos And Videos

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7. Potato Food Decoration Ideas

Photo Potato Garnish Mushroom

Potatoes are so common side dish and we can serve them in different ways for a nice presentation. Especially it fun for kids! Check out a few ideas on the page here → Potato Garnish Ideas for Holiday Table

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8. Onion Food Decoration

Photo Onion Flower Garnish

Onion flowers garnish we can use to serve marinaded vegetables, decorate plates with kebabs, and much more. We can use onion as edible decor marinaded or row as well.

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9. Food Decoration With Green Onion

Photo Stuffed Eggs With Caviar Garnished

Food decoration from green onion is so cute on small appetizers! In the photo, stuffed egg decorated with salmon caviar and curl made from the green onion. So easy technique!

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10. How To Cut Vegetables For Garnish With Crinkle Knife

Photo Celery garnish idea with crinkle cutter plate

Crinkle cutter is so useful garnish tool in my kitchen! We can use it not only to cut vegetables for a nice presentation but make also very cute garnishes as well. My biggest tip is to buy a good one and it will be working for you all your life. My the oldest crinkle cutter I have almost 20 years. Looks new and works as new!

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11. Beets Food Decoration Ideas

Flower from Beets

Rose from Beets

Cute garnishes from beets ideas.

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12. Radish Food Decoration Ideas

Photo Chrysanthemum Radish Decor

Easy garnishes from radish are a great and attractive addition to any dish or vegetable platter.

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13. Fun Avocado Food Decoration Ideas

Photo Avocado alligator fun garnish idea 1

Fun and easy garnishes from avocado need to serve as soon as possible because of discoloration.

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