Strawberry Mushroom Garnish Photo

Strawberry Mushroom Garnish

How to Make Easy Strawberry Garnishes

  My collection of strawberries garnishes is easy to make and no art skills need. However, some garnishes need practice and before make it to guests I suggest to practice make them for your family. Strawberry garnishes so good to decorate food for kids! Best companion for strawberry garnish is green mint, in my opinion, because it resembles strawberry leaves. 

1. Strawberry Mushroom Kids Dessert Garnish

Strawberry Garnish on cottage cheese Photo

The strawberry mushroom garnishes are cute on desserts for kids, to decorate fruit platters or just sweet garnish. The mushrooms make your kids and family eat more fruits! My husband doesn’t eat kiwi. At least I thought so for many years. I was practicing to make my strawberry mushrooms and served it with a cottage cheese for my husband. I don’t want to remove kiwi because the mushrooms were so cute. He ate my mushrooms and of course, kiwi!

*We can make raspberries mushrooms as well. They are so cute too!

Raspberry Garnish for kids Photo

We need:




Fruit corer 0.5 inch

*Corer is a very useful tool if you like to garnish food!

Strawberry Garnish Tool Corer Photo
Photo Make Strawberry Garnish With Fruit Corer
  1. Make a stem for strawberry mushroom from apple with the corer.

Strawberry Desserts for Kids Photo

2. Make an opening in strawberry with the corer.

Strawberry Desserts for Kids 2 Photo

3. Attach the stem to strawberry and our cute garnish is ready!

⇓ For more stability we can make openings in kiwi too (Raspberry mushrooms) ⇓

Raspberry Mushroom Garnish for kids photo
Strawberry Desserts for Kids 3 Photo
Kids Desserts Strawberry Garnish Photo

Video Fun Strawberry Garnish for Kids

2. Strawberry Fan Garnish

This method is a good way to increase visual impact of your strawberry. Remove the leaves from strawberry and make vertical cuts, but not all way through. Spread it and you have a beautiful fan to decorate desserts, pastries, and beverages. You may use skewers to control deepness of the cuts.

Photo strawberry Fan Garnish

3. Strawberry Heart Garnish

Great garnish for Valentin’s Day! To make a heart we need the certain shape of strawberries, look like a heart shape on the bottom and best is red inside. It very simple, just make the simple cut at an angle like on the picture and cut in the middle, we have 2 hearts ready. Or leave as is and use as decor for glass. If make more slices, we have a few hearts and can use in beverages. This method good to decorate for Valentine’s day or just impress love ones. Desserts, Jello, pastry, beverages and more. Cover with chocolate and heart-shaped candy is ready.

Heart from Strawberry Photo

4. Simple Flower from Strawberry

Make zig-zag cut and flower is ready. Good to garnish desserts and glass with a beverage. Easy jello decor, fruit salad, dessert or freeze in ice and it will be simple but cute ice cubes for a beverage.

How to make flower from strawberry Gif

We can cut flower with a small paring knife or make very simple handmade disposable garnish tool (video).

⇒ Link to “How to make handmade garnish tool”⇐

5. Flower from Strawberry Spiral

Here is another technique to make strawberry flower. I like very much the technique to make tomato or orange flowers, but sometimes I make from strawberry too. The best take large strawberry to make this flower. It can be used to decorate desserts, pastries and jello.

⇒Link to “How to make rose from orange peel”⇐

6. Strawberry Rose Garnish

To make rose I learned simple technique many years ago from one Russian chef. It has many uses for garnish at Russian restaurants. This technique can be used also to make a rose from vegetables and other fruits. I have step by step technique on lemon example and video with example on orange. I used rose from strawberry to decorate desserts, ice cream, cheesecake or just simply decorate small fruit plate.

⇒How to make a rose link⇐

8. How to Cut Strawberry for Garnish in Spiral

Strawberry Spiral Garnish Photo

These methods I don’t use much. It is time-consuming and not always come out how I like. However, I need to mention so you may like the method. We need skewer to hold strawberry and secure knife from cutting through curl. It great decor for a glass of milkshake or other beverages.

More Simple Strawberry Garnish Photos

I like the twists strawberry garnish because just from one berry we can garnish a few desserts.

 Photo Strawberry garnish

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