11 Ideas DIY Tools For Kitchen (Baking And Cooking)

         I have so many ideas on how to make substitutes for baking, cooking, and garnishing tools. All tools are easy to make and if I made them, you can make them too! Check out the ideas and you might find something useful for your kitchen too!

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1. DIY Serving Fork To Pick Olives From Jar

Very easy to make a tool for picking olives from a jar. We just bent the fork and the serving fork for olives is ready!  Read more ⇒ 2 Tips How To Keep Black Olives From A Can Shiny And DIY Olive Tool

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2. Capers Serving Spoon Out Of Straw

To pick capers out of a jar with a narrow mouth is not an easy task. Don’t have special capers serving spoon? Make one! We make this easy caper serving spoon out of a smoothie plastic straw just in a few steps. Check out the directions and 4 more ideas for unusual capers serving spoon substitutes ⇒  5 Clever Tools To Get Capers Easy Out Of Narrow Jars

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3. Lemon Or Lime Covers For Squeezing

Photo Lemon Cover for juicing

The cover idea for squeezing lemon without seeds is made out of plastic wrap, which I use very often. The reason is I have always plastic wrap in my kitchen and no time to make it, especially when we serve seafood or fish. Read more ⇒ 3 Ways How To Make Lemon Covers For Squeezing

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4. DIY Garnish Channel Knife

Channel Knife Substitute

A channel knife is a great garnish tool. You can make different designs and flowers from fruits and vegetables. We don’t have to buy one, we can make a sharp enough one from a can lid! Read more ⇒ How to Make Easy Channel Knife Substitute

Gif How to make vandyke garnishower with handmade garnish tool 1 GIF

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5. DIY Cookie Cutters Fr5om Plastic Bottle

Photo handmade cookie cutter

The handmade cookie cutters idea is useful. We can make cookie cutters with different shapes easily and it sturdy enough to cut cookie dough, cut fun-shaped sandwiches, make garnish, make fancy (easy) watermelon servings, and more. Read more ⇒ 5 Easy DIY Cookie Cutters Ideas Out Of Plastic Bottle

Photo cookies flowers

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6. Cake Decorating Rose Nail From Foil

Photo DYI Cake Rose Nail From Foil

DIY baking nail made out of foil for making flowers for cake decor. It useful tool if you like to decorate cakes! Read more → How To Make Your Own Cake Decorating Tools

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7. Aluminum Foil to Tie Chicken Legs

Foil Ties Used on Chicken Photo

I use aluminum foil to tie chicken legs sometimes. Very convenient and handy if don’t have on hand food ties. This way the chicken comes out presentable and nice look for the presentation plate. Read more ⇒ 13 Clever Ways To Use Aluminium Foil In The Kitchen

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8. Mini Canape Cutter Out Of Turkey Injector

The idea is to make small round-shaped sandwiches is so fun. Also, we can cut small food for kids with the tool made out of a turkey injector. It is a really cool mini-cutter! Read more ⇒ Handmade Mini Canape Cutter From Turkey Injector

Handmade Mini Sandwich Cutter Photo

Photo Mini canape made with Cajun Injector

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9. Handmade Old Style Cherry Pit Picker

Photo pit cherry with fork

Old fashion way to remove pits from cherries. Don’t have a tool? Make one out of a fork! Read more ⇒ 11 Ways How To Pit Fresh Cherries For Garnish And More

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10. DIY Basting Brush Substitute Idea

Photo Basting brush alternative

We can make busting brushes ourselves if don’t have one on hand. I can say it is not a perfect solution but works! Read more ⇒ 9 Substitutes Ideas For Baking Tools And Equipment

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