13 Easy Fruits And Berries Garnish Ideas For Party

How to cut watermelon for party

          I personally like easy-to-make fruit and berries garnish ideas for fruit platters and desserts. The reason is easy food decor gives us more time for food preparation. Of course, I like food art and enjoy watching videos of masters of food carving and admiring the talent. However, on my website, I am sharing what I like to make from fruits and berries. On my website is easy fruit decor for everyone if I can able make it – everyone can make it too. For every technique, I have photos and some garnishes including videos. If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below!

1. Strawberry Dessert Decoration Ideas

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideas

      Strawberry food decoration is one of my favorite berries to use for garnishing desserts, fruit salads, and beverages.

Check out these ideas ⇒ 9 Easy Strawberry Garnish Ideas

2. Peach And Apricot Dessert Ideas

Photo How to make butterfly from peach

        Peach or apricot is so yummy and very attractive fruits and of course, we can make a beautiful garnish. I have a few ideas for you to share!

Read more about peach and apricots food decorations ⇒ 7 Cute Apricot And Peach Garnish Ideas

Photo Kids Dessert From Orange Bunny ShapedRecommended ⇒ 13 Fun And Easy Food Decor Ideas For Kids

3. Raspberry Food Decoration Easy Ideas

Photo Flower raspberry garnish idea for cake

 What we can make from raspberries? Super easy flowers as in the photo above, cute kids’ dessert decor, and a few more ideas. Of course, braspberries! It is a combination of blueberries and raspberries together and a new trend a few years ago online. It is the perfect combination of these two berries to eat and make dessert decor from, just check the photos in the link below to see more ideas!

  Read more raspberries food decor ideas ⇒ 4 Cute Raspberry Garnish Ideas With Photos

4. How To Serve Watermelon Creative Ways

How to cut watermelon for party

 Check how we can cut watermelon for a party or just to eat with friends and family. How we can make a design in the middle, with limited space on the table idea and more!

For easy and impressive ideas check out this page ⇒ 5 Easy Ideas How To Cut Fancy A Watermelon For Party

5. How To Serve Cantalope Impressive

Photo Tulip out of cantaloupe

I like to use cantaloupe for fruit platter decor! How to make a fruit platter fancy? Just add a crown or flower made out of cantaloupe! Someone shared with me photos on Instagram and I was impressed by how these ideas can be used on huge fruit trays, make sure you see these photos!

Read more about techniques out of whole fruit ⇒ 9 Easy Ideas How To Cut Cantaloupe Fancy For A Summer Party

Looking for kids’ party ideas, check here ⇒ How To Make 5 Easy Animal Shapes Out Of Cantaloupe

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideasRecommended ⇒ How To Make Heart Shaped Food 9 Ideas

6. How To Serve Mango Fancy

Photo How to serve mango on a stick

How to serve mango fancy for a party idea, so easy and works for all types of mangos (I tried, you see the photos). Actually, it is the most convenient way to eat whole mango! Make sure to check out this idea, if you like mango. On the stick much easier to handle so juicy fruit!

Check out video with many photos page ⇒ How To Make Mango Flower and Serve Them On Stick

7. Orange Creative Serving Ideas

Photo Fancy Serving Orange. Fruit Platter. Photo

Orange (mandarin) we can serve in creative ways! In the shape of flowers, in a bowl made out of the orange peel, orange wedges decorated in the center with flowers made out of the orange peel, and 2 fun ideas on how to make orange man and snails made out of mandarin.

Check these ideas with photos and videos on the page, link here →5 Cute And Fancy Ways to Serve Orange and Mandarin

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8. Pineapple Crown Can Be Food Decor Too!

Photo Pineapple flower garnished fruit platter

The pineapple crown is great decor for fruit platters and simply to decorate pineapple slices. However, a crown is not always in great shape. How to make pineapple crown presentable easy. I saw this technique in one grocery store video and get inspired! Of course, I add more ideas from myself as well!

Read about this technique with photos and video →  How To Make an Easy Flower from Pineapple Crown

Vegetables corers photoRecommended ⇒ 11 Uses of Vegetable Corers in My Kitchen With Photos

9. Super Easy And Impressive Bunny Fruit Decor Idea

Photo Bunny from Papaya

We can make bunnies from different fruits! This spring fruit decor takes 1 minute but is it so impressive on the table!

Read about this technique→ Fruit Garnish in Shape Of Bunny For Kids Party

Photo Dessert garnished with melon ballerRecommended ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

10. Decor Made Out Of Kiwi For Desserts And Drinks

Photo How to make kiwi cactus garnish

Like kiwi? Make sure you check this page with kiwi decor ideas ⇒ 3 Easy And Fun Kiwi Garnish Ideas With Photos

11. Animal Shapes From Cantalope Ideas

Photo turtle from melon

Cantaloupe is a great fruit to use ideas for kids’ parties! We can serve whole melons in the fun shape of a cat or make different animal faces for individual fruit serving in a glass. Check these ideas ⇒ How To Make 5 Easy Animal Shapes Out Of Cantaloupe

Photo Kids Dessert From Orange Bunny ShapedRecommended ⇒ 13 Fun And Easy Food Decor Ideas For Kids

12. Pear Food Decor Ideas

Photo Bird Form Pear humor

Pear has a great shape to make a hedgehog or bird! So fun to make!

  Check these ideas with photos ⇒ 2 Pear Garnish Ideas To Decorate Fruit Platter For Kids

12. Lemon Food Decor Ideas

Photo Lemon Garnish Opposite Cut

Lemon twist, fish made out of lemon, lemon butterfly, and more ideas are great to decorate desserts, seafood platters, seafood, fish platters, and much more!

  Check these ideas and more ideas with photos here⇒ 11 Easy Lemon Garnish Ideas With Photos

13. Creative Easy Ideas To Serve Watermelon Slices

Photo Watermelon slice in the shape of boat

Like to serve fun-way watermelon? Check out these easy ideas! ⇒ 8 Fun Ways How To Plate And Serve Watermelon Slices

13. Notes On Bananas Skin And More

Photo How to draw on bananas apple

Bananas are a great fruit to write on them and have fun. I am going to share a few ideas with you! Look here for insparation ⇒ 17 Creative Notes Ideas On Bananas For Our Loved Ones And More

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