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How to Fold Paper Napkins Fancy Way For Party

Beautifly folded paper napkins make party table so impressive and fun with almost no time. Paper or plastic plates so easy, inexpensive and convenient way to serve food at a party and folded napkins the perfect finishing touch to them. I am going to share a few easy ideas to fold paper napkins into interesting shapes and decorate your party table. Some techniques better practice a few times in advance and you avoid stress.

All folds for a square napkin. All examples are shown on 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size paper napkins.

I have 5 techniques on the page – 1. Flower 2. Peacock tail 3. Pocket 4. Fan 5. Heart

1. Flower from Paper Napkins

Folded paper napkins in shape of the flower the impressive way to decorate party table and one of my favorite outdoor party ideas. We can make seasonal, Holidays flowers, combine different colors, combine napkins with design and solid color. So many variations! I just made photos of a few examples. The photos can say more than my words!

The flower from 2 colors of napkins resembles a flower and looks so cute on the plate! Great addition for a fancy picnic table. The flower compliments the plate on the photo so well, in my opinion!

Photo How to decorate paper plates with napkins Flower

On the photo below, I from napkins with the USA flag and red napkins made the flower for 4th of July.

Photo Decoration table for 4th of July

I like how come out the combination in different colors of napkins.

Photo How to decorate paper plate with napkins blue

Photo Paper Napkins Folded in Flower Pink

Bright and vibrant colors so good for summer or kids party! It is really brightening up the table!

Photo Yellow flower from paper napkins

White flowers go with almost all colors plates! I placed LED tea candle under the flower (I wish, I am a better photographer to take a photo in a room with limited light) The table was so nice looks with flowers lighten up from inside. Great idea how to fold napkins for a wedding party!

Photo White flower from paper napkins

Valentin’s Day is 14 February! The red flower makes a simple serving table so beautiful and can make with right plate great romantic addition to simple dinner on plastic or paper plates!

Photo How to decorate paper plates

We need:


6 Napkins with texture so flower keep the shape


  1. Fold in the napkin inside of glass like on the photo. The center of folded napkins is going inside the glass.
Photo How to fold paper napkins fancy way

Photo How to make flower from paper napkins step 1

2. Fold in the same direction 5 more napkins around the glass.

Photo How to make flower from paper napkins step 2

3. Turn upside down the glass and release the napkins flower.

Photo How to make flower from paper napkins step 3

The flower looks so beautiful! It really makes WOW effect at your party!

Photo How to make red flower from napkins


Video How to Fold Paper Napkins for Party

2. Peacock Tail from Paper Napkins

So easy folding paper napkins technique! It changes the appearance of the table so much! The best way practice a few times in advance, this way you avoid stress when will prepare for the event and know how the best look for the party.

Photo How to fold paper napkins in shape peacock tail


  1. Fold the napkin in half.

Photo How to fold paper napkin step 1

2. Make triangle like on the photo. Don’t make pleat just gently fold it for the great appearance.

Photo How to fold paper napkin step 2

Photo How to fold paper napkin step 3

3. Close as a book the triangle. Make the same fold on another side of the napkin.

Photo How to fold napkin step 4

Photo Paper napkin folded fancy way

3. Paper Napkin as a Pocket

This design of folding napkins I can call pockets. I like combination white with other colors. Looks so good! Very convenient, if we need to fold napkins in advance and stock on each other. If you are going to set a table outside, these napkins not going to fly easily.

Photo Napkins folded in shape of a pocket

Folded pocket napkin orange and black combination is so cute on the Holloween theme table.

Photo Fancy folding napkin in shape of fan


  1. Place the white napkin inside of colorful napkin and fold in 4.

Photo Paper napkin folding Pocket Step 1

2. Place open corners away from you. Grab 2 layers on the top (blue and white under) fold like on the foto towards yourself and make the cuff.

3. Turn the napkin over and make 2 flaps from each side.

4. Tuck one flap into other.

4. Paper Napkin Fan in a Fork

Can’t be folding paper napkins easy than the fan in a fork. The paper napkin fan makes great table party decoration. When I saw decorated the table with a paper napkin fan at friend’s house, every guest expression was WOW. It looks so pretty but the best to use just solid color napkins.

So cute, if we decorate Thanksgiving outside table! The fan looks like a tail of the turkey. Ideal if you can find name holder in shape of a turkey.

Photo Thanksgiving napkin folding

I like so much how orange fan looks on Halloween table! It gives dimension to the table and looks so good with plate design.

Photo Halloween napkin folded in shape of fan


  1. Napkin needs to be folded in 4 as usually folded in a package. Make the pleats and hold in the middle. Looks will be like a bow.

Photo Paper napkin fan easy table decoration

2. Attach the paper napkin fan to fork like on the photo. Leave the last pleat under the fork.

Photo Paper napkin fan Holiday table decoration

Photo Table party decoration fan from napkin

Photo Paper napkin fan

5. Napkin in Shape of Heart for Valentine’s Day

The best idea how to fold paper napkins for Valentine’s Day! This napkin fording is great for other Holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and can fit other occasions very well too. Can be placed only on one plate, like an example, for the person who celebrated a birthday. Simple, meaningful and inspirational! May next time someone makes the heart for you or someone else!

Photo Paper napkin in shape of heart


  1. Fold the napkin in 2 and then in 2 more horizontally.

Photo Heart shape folding paper napkin step 1

2. Fold left side and right side towards the center. So you have napkin shape like error pointing to the bottom.

Photo Heart shape folding paper napkin step 2

3. Turn around. Fold every 4 corners on the top to make the shape of a heart.

Photo Heart shape folding paper napkin step 3

On the photo below, I served bagel with cream cheese and lox (cured salmon) on napkin folded in shape of a heart.

Photo Heart Paper Napkin Folding

Bagel with cream cheese and lox on napkin folded in shape on a heart.

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